A selection of media articles concerning conservation issues of interest to IPBES

Media Title Media Country Date of Publication Source
Medellín será el escenario mundial de la biodiversidad Colombia February 11, 2018 http://acimedellin.org/
Articulação da Sociedade Civil na Sexta Plenária IPBES Brazil February 9, 2018 ttps://www.bpbes.net.br
Stop 'boring' language to spur climate action, U.N. environment chief says February 8, 2018 https://www.reuters.com
U unanimously backs UN World Bee Day Belgium December 21, 2017 EURACTIV
International Scientists to Gather in Medellin to Analyze Biodiversity December 21, 2017 Latin American Herald Tribune
UN Declares 20 May World Bee Day Slovenia December 20, 2017 WWW.VLADA.SI
Why 2018 is a big year for global environmental assessments France December 12, 2017 International Council for Science — ICSU
Colibríes, moscas, abejorros, mariposas y murciélagos: aliados de la agricultura Uruguay December 7, 2017 IPS Agencia de Noticias
Plight of the humble bee | Rathbone Investment Management United Kingdom December 5, 2017 www.rathbones.com
The forthcoming proclamation of the World Bee Day Slovenia December 5, 2017 worldbeeday.org
'Save the dung beetle!' Global science chief says biodiversity vital USA November 20, 2017 Reuters
Climate change, tree pollination and conservation in the tropics: a research agenda beyond IPBES USA November 10, 2017 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/
Sounding the Alarm on Biodiversity Loss Czech Republic November 10, 2017 Project Syndicate
Das Insektensterben bedroht unsere Lebensgrundlagen Germany November 4, 2017 Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Medellin rises through the ranks Belgium November 3, 2017 HQ Europe & MIM Europe Magazine
Cinq nouveaux rapports d'évaluation majeurs de l'IPBES : une introduction générale Burundi October 31, 2017 Taylor and Francis Online
Scientists Warn of Insect ‘Armageddon’ After Dramatic Drop in Populations USA October 19, 2017 NBC News
IPBES capacity building workshop in South-East Europe Germany October 18, 2017 Institute for Biodiversity
Manuales de IPBES de las evaluaciones en curso sobre el estado de la biodiversidad mundial con información clave para su aprobación Spain October 17, 2017 Mercados de Medio Ambiente
Weltbiodiversitätsrat: Mitteldeutsche Forscher mischen mit Germany October 13, 2017 hallesaale handlestadt
Terras Indígenas protegem a floresta Brazil October 12, 2017 Desacato
Interview with Claudia Ituarte-Lima on Biodiversity and Human Rights October 11, 2017 GOXI
New science-policy interface needed to drive forward the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development The Netherlands October 10, 2017 Rli NL
Weltbiodiversitätsrat: Mitteldeutsche Forscher mischen mit Germany October 10, 2017 Campus Halensis
Environmental benefits accrued by MGNREGA October 9, 2017 SPWD BLOGS
Insektizide auf Pflanzen: Süßes Gift bedroht Bienen und Ernten Germany October 9, 2017 taz.de
La biodiversité, une "priorité" au même titre que le climat France October 5, 2017 France 24
Bees Are Dying And That “Couldve been” Devastating For Food Security October 3, 2017 survivaltips4u.com
Sistemas agroflorestais biodiversos conservam polinizadores Brazil October 3, 2017 domtotal.com
Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year USA September 27, 2017 National Geographic
Why Does the World Need IPBES? Canada September 23, 2017 http://chanslabviews.blogspot.de
Ingenuidad Colombia September 14, 2017 larepublica.co
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The 46th General Assembly USA September 13, 2017 IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS) News
Importância das abelhas para a produção de alimentos foi tema de mesa redonda no Congresso de Agroecologia 2017 September 13, 2017 Embrapa
Investigadora UACh es evaluadora de los servicios ecosistémicos Chile September 1, 2017 El Naveghable.cl
Rainforest Field Trip Collaboratively Records Ecological Change August 18, 2017 Public.
Convocatoria sobre escenarios futuros de la biodiversidad y los servicios de los ecosistemas para la toma de decisiones Leer más: Escenarios de biodiversidad y servicios ecosistémicos | Mercados de Medio Ambiente http://www.mercadosdemedioambiente.com/ July 27, 2017 Convocatoria sobre escenarios futuros de la biodiversidad y los servicios de los ecosistemas para la toma de decisiones
Weaving knowledge systems in IPBES, CBD and beyond—lessons learned for sustainability Netherlands June 30, 2017 http://www.sciencedirect.com
Greenpeace Offers Solution To Alarming Decline Of Bee Population: Is Food Supply Now Safe? United States March 29, 2016 Food World News
Seguranca alimentar ameacada: especialistas alertam para o risco de extincao de animais polinizadores no mundo Brazil March 28, 2016 EcoDebate