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Awardees with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
03 November 2021

Fondation Prince Albert II of Monaco Awards 2021: Remarks by IPBES Executive Secretary

Remarks by IPBES Executive Secretary Anne Larigauderie at Fondation Prince Albert II of Monaco Awards Ceremony


"Monseigneur, Excellences, Chers collègues et amis

Je suis vraiment très honorée de recevoir aujourd’hui ce prestigieux Prix de la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, attribué à l’IPBES, et je tiens à vous remercier chaleureusement, ainsi que votre fondation, au nom de toute la communauté de l’IPBES, pour cette magnifique récompense.

This prize is a tribute to the entire IPBES community. It recognizes and rewards the efforts of the thousands of scientists and holders of indigenous and local knowledge from all regions of the world who have volunteered their time and expertise to IPBES over the past 10 years.

Together they have produced 8 assessment reports alerting the world to the facts that:

  • Biodiversity and nature are being degraded at a rate and scale unprecedented in human history;
  • 1 million plants and animal species are at risk of extinction
  • The loss of biodiversity is affecting the capacity of our ecosystems to function and to deliver essential contributions to people such as the capacity to pollinate our crops or to mitigate against climate change.
  • There is not only one environmental crisis but two interconnected crises: climate change and biodiversity loss.

But science has also told us that we have options for action and that we can still reverse course if we act urgently, and take bold actions informed by Science.

  • This is a very powerful message just a few days before COP 26, and a few months before COP 15. 
  • This prize encourages us all to take that journey together toward a truly transformative change."