African States

Mariteuw Chimere Diaw's picture
Mariteuw Chimere Diaw
African Model Forests Network (AMFN) Secretariat
Eric Fokam's picture
Eric Fokam
University Lecturer
University of Buea
Luthando Dziba's picture
Luthando Dziba
Head: Conservation Services
South African National Parks (SANParks)
Mohammed Sghir TALEB's picture
Mohammed Sghir TALEB
Research Professor
Institut Scientifique, Université Mohammed 5 de Rabat

Asia-Pacific States

Leng Guan Saw's picture
Leng Guan Saw
Penang Botanic Gardens
Madhav Karki's picture
Madhav Karki
Deputy Chair and MEP Member
IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management and IPBES
Ning Wu's picture
Ning Wu
Director General
Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Rizwan Irshad's picture
Rizwan Irshad
Deputy Director (Bio)
Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Shizuka Hashimoto's picture
Shizuka Hashimoto
Associate Professor
University of Tokyo

Eastern European States

Mersudin Avdibegovic's picture
Mersudin Avdibegovic
University of Sarajevo
Ruslan Novitsky's picture
Ruslan Novitsky
Head of department of ecological impact assessment of nature transformations
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Özden Görücü's picture
Özden Görücü
Kahramanmaraş Sutcu Imam University
Rovshan Abbasov's picture
Rovshan Abbasov
Head of the Department of Geography and Environment
Khazar University, Azerbaijan
Katalin Török's picture
Katalin Török
senior researcher
Centre for Ecological Research

Latin American and Caribbean States

Antonio Diaz-de-Leon's picture
Antonio Diaz-de-Leon
Innovative Cutting Edge Solutions (ICES)
Bibiana Vilà's picture
Bibiana Vilà
Principal Researcher
CONICET: National Research Council
Germán Andrade
Universidad de los Andes
Juana Alvarez's picture
Juana Alvarez
Foreign affairs

Western European and other States

Isabel Sousa Pinto's picture
Isabel Sousa Pinto
Associate Professor
CIIMAR, Biology Department of the Faculty of Science of the University of Porto
Judith Fisher's picture
Judith Fisher
Director/Senior Ecologist
Fisher Research Pty Ltd
Markus Fischer's picture
Markus Fischer
Professor of Plant Ecology
University of Bern
Sandra Lavorel's picture
Sandra Lavorel
Senior Research Scientist
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Marie Stenseke's picture
Marie Stenseke
Professor in Human Geography
Department of Economy and Society, Gothenburg University

Mandate and Procedures

The Mandate of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel is set out in the functions, operating principles and institutional arrangements of IPBES as contained in the appendix to the resolution establishing IPBES (appendix I to annex I to document UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/9), it includes:

  1. Providing advice to the Plenary on scientific and technical aspects of IPBES’ programme of work;
  2. Providing advice and assistance on technical and/or scientific communication matters;
  3. Managing IPBES’ peer-review process to ensure the highest levels of scientific quality, independence and credibility for all products delivered by IPBES at all stages of the process;
  4. Engaging the scientific community and other knowledge holders with the work programme, taking into account the need for different disciplines and types of knowledge, gender balance, and effective contribution and participation by experts from developing countries;
  5. Assuring scientific and technical coordination among structures set up under IPBES and facilitating coordination between IPBES and other related processes to build upon existing efforts;
  6. Exploring ways and means to bring different knowledge systems, including indigenous knowledge systems, into the science-policy interface.

The Plenary also assigned to the MEP various roles in the process of preparing IPBES deliverables, as set out in the Procedures for the preparation of Platform deliverables (annex I to decision IPBES-3/3 and decision IPBES-4/3). The rules for the operation and election of members of the MEP are contained in section VIII of the Rules of procedure for sessions of the Plenary of IPBES.

  1. Why is the role of the MEP so important in IPBES?
  2. How has the MEP done so far?
  3. Key challenges for the MEP in the next IPBES work programme
  4. The vision of the co-chairs for the MEP
  5. A message from the MEP to the wider IPBES community


Event Dates City Country
12th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Monday, 22 October, 2018 to Friday, 26 October, 2018 Bonn Germany
11th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Monday, 25 June, 2018 to Friday, 29 June, 2018 Bonn Germany
10th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Monday, 23 October, 2017 to Friday, 27 October, 2017 Bonn Germany
9th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 18 June, 2017 to Friday, 23 June, 2017 Bonn Germany
8th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 23 October, 2016 to Thursday, 27 October, 2016 Bonn Germany
7th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 5 June, 2016 to Thursday, 9 June, 2016 Bonn Germany
6th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Wednesday, 7 October, 2015 to Sunday, 11 October, 2015 Bonn Germany
5th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 12 April, 2015 to Thursday, 16 April, 2015 Bonn Germany
4th meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 6 July, 2014 to Thursday, 10 July, 2014 Bonn Germany
3rd meetings of the Bureau and MEP Sunday, 9 March, 2014 to Thursday, 13 March, 2014 Bonn Germany
2nd meetings of the Bureau and MEP Monday, 26 August, 2013 to Friday, 30 August, 2013 Cape Town South Africa
1st meetings of the Bureau and MEP Friday, 31 May, 2013 to Wednesday, 5 June, 2013 Bergen Norway