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Organization Focal Points

The procedures for the preparation of IPBES deliverables (set out in annex I to decision IPBES-3/3) invites relevant stakeholders (qualified national, regional and international scientific organizations, centres of excellence and institutions known for their work and expertise), to present candidates in response to calls for the nomination of experts to prepare IPBES deliverables. The table below presents the names of nominated organization focal points.

Organizations are requested to designate or update focal points through

Please report any incorrect information by writing to

Organization First name Last name Role
CREAF Lluis Brotons Focal point (secondary)
Croplife International Christoph Neumann Focal point
Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative Anna Metaxas Focal point
Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative Maria Baker Focal point (secondary)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Meike Teschke Focal point
DHI Water & Environment (Malaysia) Syed Mohazri Bin Syed Hazari Focal point
Doğa Koruma Merkezi (Nature Conservation Centre) Yıldıray Lise Focal point
Ecopath International Initiative (EII) Jeroen Steenbeek Focal point
Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Rudolf De Groot nfp
Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Kamaljit Sangha s-nfp
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) Imran Ahimbisibwe nfp
ESENIAs Ahmet Uludag nfp
European Weed Research Society Matthias Schumacher nfp
Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism Mehmed Cero nfp
Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria Oluwakemi Abosede nfp
Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) Agnes Hallosserie nfp
Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) Coline Leandre s-nfp
Friends of the Earth International Nele Mariën nfp
FSC International Marion Karmann nfp
FSC International Anakarina Pérez Oropeza Pitteloud s-nfp
Future Earth Natalie Chong nfp
Future Earth Philippines Nestor T. Baguinon nfp
German IPBES Coordination Office Mariam Akhtar-Schuster nfp
Global Conservation Standard Ederson Zanetti nfp
IMBER John Claydon nfp
IMBER Gihoon Hong s-nfp
INCDS Marin Dracea Ancuta Fedorca s-nfp
INRAE Claire Weill nfp
Institute for Biodiversity Network (IBN) Axel Paulsch nfp
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Andre Mader nfp