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Billy Offland's Conservation Journey

Meet Billy Offland – a 21-year-old conservation enthusiast, sustainability student and global traveler who, after being blown away by the findings of the IPBES Global Assessment Report, was compelled to take a break from his ongoing studies to immerse himself in the biodiversity crisis that faces our world and what is being done about it. Follow Billy’s journey as he travels around the world over a two year period, learning first-hand about the realities of how experts, organisations and communities are trying their best to protect the planet’s biodiversity and the things they love.

*The IPBES secretariat does not provide financial or material support to Billy Offland, and views expressed are those of the author which do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of IPBES.

North Macedonia and the Quest for a National Park: Billy's Conservation Journey

Albania: The Vital Role of Vultures | Billy's Conservation Journey

Billy's Conservation Journey - Montenegro's First Marine Protected Area