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IIFBES Terms of Reference

Membership and coordination 

IIFBES is a self-organized network, community or group, working in collaboration with IPBES in supporting the implementation of the IPBES work programme through the IPBES Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. The network is open to all members of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. IIFBES is self-organized through its network members volunteering to take the responsibility of various tasks, on a regular basis or occasionally, depending on the needs. 

Coordination is provided by the Network of the Centers of Distinction on Indigenous and Local Knowledge, which is a network of organizations of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Rules of engagement

There is no fee to become a member of IIFBES, and members should not expect financial support from the network for their engagement with IPBES. 

IIFBES members should not speak on behalf of IIFBES if they are not mandated to do so.

Membership to IIFBES has no implications for admission of observers into the IPBES plenary. Individuals or organizations interested in becoming observers should apply for observer status following IPBES policy and procedures for the admission of observers (IPBES/1/12, para. 22).