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Kalpana Chaudhari

Vice President
Institute for Sustainable development and Research,ISDR, India.
Kalpana Chaudhari is an engineer by training . She has pursued the Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology from RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban and Housing Studies from Institute for Urban and Housing Studies, Erasmus University, Rotterdam ,The Netherlands. Her research work consists of interdisciplinary subjects includes e-governance and information and communication technologies and its application for socio-economic and sustainable development . She is working as Vice President of Institute for Sustainable Development and Research ,ISDR, India, an organization having consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council, UN-ECOSOC, UN-Habitat, UNCTAD,UN-Ffd,UNFCCC,IPBES, UN-WCDRR.
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