Stakeholder Days, open to all members, observers and stakeholders of IPBES, have been organized in advance of each previous Plenary session as opportunities for a wide range of interested organizations to get updates on the IPBES process and to discuss their engagement in IPBES through informal exchange of views on specific aspects of the Plenary session’s agenda.

The IPBES Secretariat will convene, prior to the 6th session of the Plenary, a stakeholder meeting on 17 March 2018.

Registration is required to attend the Stakeholder Days. Stakeholders – including countries’ delegates - who want to participate are kindly requested to indicate this on the dedicated field in the meeting registration form ( and to contact the IPBES-6 Stakeholder Days project team via email (, should they need more information. Participants are invited to note that no financial support is available for the stakeholder day, and that an invitation letter can be provided for visa purposes.