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Closed notifications

Notification Announcement Number Application period Deliverable Download
Reminder: Review of draft terms of reference and workplans for IPBES task forces is closing soon! EM/2023/13 - Plenary Download EM/2023/13
Work on scenarios and models, including the foundations of the Nature Futures Framework - a flexible tool to support the development of scenarios and models of desirable futures for people, nature and Mother Earth EM/2023/12 - Further work on scenarios and models (2nd work programme) Download EM/2023/12
Invitation to attend the sixth meeting of the IPBES capacity-building forum (12 May 2023, Nairobi, Kenya) EM/2023/11 - Building capacity (2nd work programme) Download EM/2023/11
Reminder: Online dialogues with stakeholders for the transformative change assessment EM/2023/10 - Transformative change assessment Download EM/2023/10
IPBES 10 Plenary: External review of draft task force terms of reference and workplans EM/2023/09 - Plenary Download EM/2023/09
Preparatory process for IPBES 10 EM/2023/08 - Plenary Download EM/2023/08
Reminder: call for nominations of members of the IPBES Bureau closes soon Em/2023/07 - Bureau 2019-2023, Secretariat Download Em/2023/07
Save the date: Review of draft work plans for IPBES task forces starts soon! EM/2023/02 - Plenary Download EM/2023/02
Reminder: First external review of the IPBES nexus assessment is closing soon! EM/2023/06 - Nexus assessment Download EM/2023/06
Invitation to observer organizations to the tenth session of the Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES 10) EM/2023/05 - Plenary, Secretariat Download EM/2023/05