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Bureau nominations for IPBES 10

This page only lists nominations that have been submitted by national focal points: 

Nominations should be submitted by national focal points completing the nomination form at including the submission of a curriculum vitae and email address of the nominee.

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for nominations to be reviewed and published. 

African States
Nominated by Name Gender Affiliation Curriculum vitae Why is this individual particularly suited for the role? Nomination date
Senegal Dr. Serigne Modou SARR Male Director of the Higher Institute of Agricultural and Rural Training (ISFAR) ex ENCR; Alioune DIOP University of Bambey (UADB), BP 54 Bambey/Senegal CV_serigne modou _sarr.pdf Professor Serigne Modou Sarr is a teacher-researcher, who has extensive experience in biodiversity management and ecosystem services. He has published extensively in internationally renowned scientific journals. He can bring a lot to the IPBES office.
He has contributed a lot to the various reviews of the methodological frameworks of several IPBES assessments, as a resource person.
He has long expressed his commitment to working for biodiversity and the use of nature-based goods in well-structured frameworks such as IPBES.
I am confident that his participation in the IPBES Bureau will be of great value to all members and the entire IPBES stakeholder community.
Nigeria Prof. Shehu Akintola Male University of Lagos, Lagos state, Nigeria. CV_shehu_akintola.pdf The nominee has excellent leadership qualities and has supported several efforts in promoting and incorporating science into policy development through the performance of key advisory roles to policymakers. His passion to contribute more to the IPBES processes at the national level and his commendable track record of contributions in supporting the work of the Food and Climate initiative led to his nomination to participate in the recently held Natures Futures Framework workshop in South Africa. These will no doubt be of immense benefit to the secretariat if he is elected.
Nigeria Dr. Andrew ILOH Male Federal Government CV_andrew_iloh.pdf The nominee has great leadership qualities. He played key advisory roles in the development of the National Agricultural Biotechnology and Biosafety and has worked on several processes aimed at communicating and promoting science into policy development. His nomination will go a long way to adding more support to the work of the Bureau members.

Malawi Dr. Gibson Mphepo Male Protected Area and Forest Reserves Management Specialist, Shire Valley Transformation Programme (SVTP) CV_gibson_mphepo.pdf The nominee is an expert in conservation and has vast experience, particularly in protected areas and forest reserve management. He is mature, hard-working and is great team player with kin interest in contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem assessments. Given a chance to serve in the bureau, I am confident that he will contribute significantly to the success of the platform.
Ethiopia Prof. Sebsebe Demissew Woodmatas Male Addis Ababa University CV_sebsebe demissew_woodmatas.pdf Prof. Sebsebe Demissew is an Ethiopian leading Plant Systems and has been serving at Addis Ababa University for more than four decade (since 1977). He has taught different biology and biodiversity conservation-related courses at various levels; supervised a number of postgraduate program students; and led and implemented various conservation-related projects including the Ethiopian Flora Project that resulted in the publication of 8 Flora volumes. Prof. Sebsebe has contributed to the conservation objective by working with partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States of America. He is a member of several international and local institutions (a Foreign Member of the Royal Society (ForMemRS), Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, a Member of the Council of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, an elected Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, a Member of the Regional Working Group on Wetlands within Nile Basin initiative, and a member of number of other national forums) and, through such engagement, he has worked towards ensuring the conservation of biological diversity and maintenance of ecosystem services. More importantly, he has contributed to the achievement of IPBES objectives by directly engaging in the Platform's undertakings: he took part in the National Ecosystem of Ethiopia as a Lead Author, served as member of the Multidisciplinary Expel Panel (MEP) for two consecutive terms (2013-2018), and is currently serving as IPBES Bureau Member (since 2019) representing Africa. In recognition of his contributions, Prof Sebsebe was awarded medals and honorary degrees. His academic background, his long years of experience in teaching, research and leadership, his extended involvement in international initiatives including the IPBES, therefore, make him highly appropriate to serve a second term as Bureau Member of IPBES.
Sudan Mrs. Asia Mohamed Female Researcher/Teacher at Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Khartoum CV_asia_mohamed.pdf Mrs. Asia suites the role as she is familiar with IPBES, participated in a numbers of IPBES studies and is currently a bureau member and therefor has experience in this field.This beside has experience at national, regional and international fora
Nigeria Dr. Oluwakemi OSUNDERU Female Federal Government CV_oluwakemi_osunderu.pdf Nominee has over 20years experience in both natural and social sciences as well as fields related to Biodiversity and Ecosystem services. She has led several works in international and policy processes. She has been involved in the work of IPBES since 2018 and has contributed to reviews of reports. Currently she is contributing to the review of the ongoing Nexus assessment report. Nominee's endowment with scientific and technical expertise in Biodiversity and Ecosystem services and the various leaderships roles she has played will give her additional advantage in playing advisory role as required effectively.
Kenya Dr. WINNIE KIIRU Female MPALA RESEARCH CENTER, A Princeton University Research Facility in Kenya CV_winnie _kiiru.pdf Dr Winnie Kiiru has along standing experience in wildlife management, Environmental policy, Environmental advocacy and renowned scholar in biological sciences.
She is very passionate about biodiversity conservation stepping out to volunteer in numerous national initiatives that promote restoration and sustainable ecosystem
management a case in point as long standing member of the friends of Karura an urban forest that was prone to grabbing but has now been restored and provide
ecosystem services to residents and tourists.
Zambia Dr. Felix kanungwe Kalaba Male Leacture CV_felix_kanungwe kalaba.pdf Following his qualifications and wider experience in Biodiversity and Ecosystem services
Kenya Dr. David Obura Male Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean (CORDIO East Africa) CV_david _obura .pdf Dr. David Obura is a renowned scientist and researcher with experience in science policy communication, community based research, awareness and education.
David has experience in conducting assessment as can be seen in his resume, including an acclaimed author in his field of expertise who is widely published. His knowledge in marine ecosystems and biodiversity is distinguished which has made him a dependable negotiator in this field. I highly recommend his nomination.
Asia-Pacific States
Nominated by Name Gender Affiliation Curriculum vitae Why is this individual particularly suited for the role? Nomination date
Nepal Dr. Bishwa Nath Oli Male Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal CV_bishwa nath_oli.pdf Dr. Bishwa Nath Oli has been serving as a Bureau member of the IPBES since July 2022. He has
completed Ph. D. in Forestry from Copenhagen University, Denmark and Master's degree in
Natural Resources Management from University of Life Sciences, Norway. He has more than
three decades long experience in the Biodiversity, Environment and Climate Change sectors
working with the Government of Nepal in different capacities. Currently, Dr. Oli is affiliated
with Agriculture and Forestry University of Nepal as Adjunct Professor.
Regarding professional experiences, Dr. Oli has served as secretary at different ministries of
Government of Nepal including Ministry of Forests and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture
and Livestock Development, and Ministry of Population and Environment. During his
professional career, he was directly involved in formulating policies and strategies and
legislative frameworks covering areas of sustainable management of natural resources including
forestry, biodiversity, climate change, environment conservation, and renewable energy. He has
also worked as a national consultant and senior advisor with various development partners
including Food and Agriculture Organizations, ICIMOD, GIZ, GGGI, WWF Nepal.
Dr. Oli has participated in several international meetings representing Nepal. He has published
around three dozen articles in national and international peer reviewed journals. He has also
supervised students at Bachelor's and Master's level from different universities. He has also
served as a national focal person to several multilateral environmental agreements including
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Convention on Biological Diversity.
He has also served as a vice chair of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission of the Food and
Agriculture Organizations of the UN from 2019-2021.
Considering academic and professional experiences of Dr. Oli, he can support to promote
evidence-based policymaking on biodiversity and ecosystem services relevant to policymakers in
the Asia-pacific region, to organize and conduct the sessions of the IPBES plenary and
workshops, to support communication and outreach activities of the IPBES in the Asia-pacific
region, to identify mechanisms to develop partnership arrangements for the implementation of
IPBES’s functions in the Asia-pacific region. If elected from the upcoming 10th Plenery of the
IPBES, Dr. Oli can contribute to make IPBES visible in the Asia-Pacific region.
Sri Lanka Prof. Sevvandi Jayakody Female Senior Professor CV_sevvandi_jayakody.pdf Because she actively represents and contributes to many biodiversity related committees established in the Ministry of Environment in Sri
Also, she is the Chair Professor of the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Dr. Jinie D Shirindra Dela Female Freelance Consultant CV_jinie d shirindra_dela.pdf Because she represents and actively contributes many biodiversity related experts and advisory committees established in the Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka.
Also, she is a freelance consultant working for government departments dealing with biodiversity conservation, and projects carried out by ministries such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forest and Wildlife Conservation, Forest Department, and Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka.
India C. Achalender Reddy Male Govt. of India CV_c. achalender_reddy.pdf
Thailand Prof. Yongyut Trisurat Male Kasetsart University CV_yongyut _trisurat.pdf Professor Yongyut TRISURAT is a front-line expert in natural resource conservation. He was a former Director of the Biodiversity Center, at Kasetsart University and Head of the Department of Forest Biology, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University. Moreover, he is also part of many national boards and committees such as Thailand’s National Committee for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (NCCSB), a Technical Working Member of Thailand’s Mekong River Committee, and a Technical Advisor for Thailand’s National Research Council. His experiences have strengthened the interface between science and policy to push forward concrete implementation of biodiversity and ecosystem at the national level. At the international level, he has engaged in the assessment process of both IPBES and IPCC as the lead author (LA) of the IPBES methodological assessment report on Scenarios and Models of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in 2014-2016 and the Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) for WGII of IPCC Assessment Report 6 (AR6) in 2019-2021. Accordingly, on behalf of Thailand's IPBES national focal point, I give Professor Trisurat my highest recommendation to be a member of the IPBES Bureau. We strongly believe that his expertise in interlinked science policy for natural resource conservation in the nation and internationally will promote the work of IPBES.
Eastern European States
Nominated by Name Gender Affiliation Curriculum vitae Why is this individual particularly suited for the role? Nomination date
Türkiye Prof. Günay Erpul Male Ankara University CV_günay_erpul.pdf Prof. Günay Erpul is an internationally recognised expert on biodiversity conservation. He has an excellent understanding of biodiversity and soil governance and experience in supporting policy development. Moreover, as a former MEP member of the region, he is very closely involved with IPBES and has a good command of the rules and procedures of the Platform. We firmly believe that Prof. Günay Erpul will fulfil the position of being a member of the Bureau in line with the functions, working principles and institutional arrangements of IPBES.
Armenia Mr. Erik Grigoryan Male Founder and CEO of the “Environment Group” LLC CV_erik_grigoryan.pdf Mr. Erik Grigoryan Founder and CEO of the “Environment Group” Over 20 years of diversified experience in the public sector and international organizations combined with advanced education in environmental management, policy, and economics. In 2018 to 2020, he has been Minister of Environment of Armenia, Chair of the Interstate Ecological Council of CIS, National Designated Authority of Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, Political and Operational Focal Point of Global Environmental Facility, and UNFCCC in Armenia. In 2017 to 2018, First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection, Focal Point of UNFCCC in Armenia, 2017 Assistant to Prime Minister on Environment and Climate Issues, Primary Expertise: Environment Economics and Climate Finance, Ph.D. Diploma of Supplement in Environmental Economics Social Media links; LinkedIn Twitter Facebook He was an international expert on ecosystem services for UNDP and developed PES schemes for pilot territories and protected areas, scenarios for PES, recommendations to improve legislation in the sphere of PES, and conducting training in pilot areas. He has various publications in the field of economic mechanisms, ecosystem services, climate finance and etc. He was international expert on Mainstreaming ecosystem services in environmental policies in Central Asia/The Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia. Taking account above mentioned long-term experience in biodiversity conservation making him our nominee for IPBES Bureau member.
Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof. Hamid Custovic Male Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo CV_hamid_custovic.pdf Prof. dr. Hamid Čustović is professor at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo where he has been since 1996. He is a professor of Soil Sciences (physics, chemistry and soil classification), Pedology, Ecopedology and Rural Ecology, He also currently serves as Head of the Postgraduate study "Sustainable Land Management and Rural Planning". Prof. Custovic is a President of the Soil Science Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is also a member of several international associations and committees, including in the European Soil Partnership, FAO Global Soil Partnership and the Committee of Science and Technology (CST Bureau of UNCCD) for South and Eastern Europe, and Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has strong knowledge in soil cartography, land consolidation, bonity and spatial planning (agroecological and other use of land), climate change-adaptation and mitigation in agriculture and biomass assesment.

Currently he has a position as a Bureau member of IPBES through his first term. Because of his successful career, knowledge and skills, prof. dr . Hamid Custovic is suitable to continue his role in Bureau through second term.
Czechia Ms. Eliška Rolfová Female Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic CV_eliška_rolfová.pdf Ms. Rolfová has been closely involved in the work of IPBES since 2019, supporting the dissemination and uptake of the IPBES Global Assessment Report at the national level. In 2022, as a lead of the Czech delegation to IPBES-9, she successfully facilitated joint preparation and cooperation among the EU and its Member States who are members or observers of IPBES.

In addition, Ms. Rolfová has extensive experience with processes related to international biodiversity agenda, as a national delegate to several multilateral biodiversity agreements, including the CBD. In her work, she has consistently advocated for strengthening the interlinkages between science, policy, and practice.

Given her background, Ms. Rolfová is fully committed to supporting the operations of IPBES and fostering closer cooperation and communication among Eastern European States. As such, she would be honoured to serve as an alternate IPBES Bureau member.
Latin American and Caribbean States
Nominated by Name Gender Affiliation Curriculum vitae Why is this individual particularly suited for the role? Nomination date
Costa Rica Dr. Bernal Herrera Male Science Executive/Consultant Professor & Researcher CV_bernal _herrera.pdf Dr. Herrera has plenty experiencie as Science Executive and Researcher. Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainability Science Executive/Consultant Professor & Researcher, National University, Costa Rica Research collaborator, Brock University, Canada Vice-chair for Latin America & the Caribbean at the Commission for Ecosystem Management of the International Union for Conservation of Nature
Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Floyd Homer Male self-employed CV_floyd_homer.pdf Dr. Homer has over 33 years of technical and scientific expertise in biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as about 10 years of expertise and intimate knowledge of several elements of IPBES’s Programme of Work, including serving as a Member of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel and as a Member of the Bureau. He has worked extensively in 18 countries across the Latin American and Caribbean region and has demonstrated his ability to communicate, promote and incorporate science into policy development. He also has experience in international scientific and policy processes and has earned the respect of professionals and other colleagues globally. Furthermore, Dr Homer has the time to contribute to the work of the IPBES Bureau.
Western European and other States
Nominated by Name Gender Affiliation Curriculum vitae Why is this individual particularly suited for the role? Nomination date
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) Dr. Rob J.J. Hendriks Male Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality CV_rob j.j._hendriks.pdf Because of:
- Broad knowledge of the issues and themes in the IPBES work programme and ample experience with the IPBES procedures.
- Having worked on topics and processes covering all four IPBES functions throughout the career.
- Active involvement in the platform since the first plenary in 2013.
United States of America Dr. T. Douglas Beard Male U.S. Geological Survey CV_t. douglas _beard.pdf Dr. Beard has extensive experience leading large research programs. As the Chief of the National Climate Adaptation Science Center (NCASC) for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), he is responsible for overseeing, setting broad strategic direction for, and development and management of the $64 million annual NCASC missions, as well as developing and maintaining partnerships with state, federal, and NGO partners. Prior to this role, he has worked as the coordinator of Fisheries with the Aquatic & Endangered Resource Program at USGS, and as a fisheries biologist with the Minnesota & Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Dr. Beard began his international biodiversity work as an author in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and a U.S. delegate to the Convention of Biological Diversity (focusing on the ecosystem approach, inland waters and biodiversity targets). He also has been involved with IPBES since its creation, serves as the alternate head of delegation for the United States, and is currently a member of the IPBES bureau. Dr. Beard would like to apply his knowledge of biodiversity issues, program management, and IPBES processes to help ensure the continued success of IPBES and continue for a second term as a dedicated member of the IPBES Bureau.
Finland Prof. Eeva Primmer Female Finnish Environment Institute CV_eeva_primmer.pdf Research Director, Professor Eeva Primmer is an experienced science-policy professional with both academic background in the area and extensive practical leadership and networking experience. She has a PhD in Agriculture and Forestry and is an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki. In her researcher career she has focused on governance and policy implementation in the areas of ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and energy systems. She has been an Associate Editor at the Elsevier journal Ecosystem Services for 8 years. She is a member in the International Resource Panel (IRP) under UNEP, the Council of European science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services (Alternet), and the Finnish Forest Council. She has participated in the IPBES work as an expert member of the Policy Support Tools and Methodologies and review editor of the Europe and Central Asia Assessment Chapter 6, and as a delegate for Finland.
In her current tole as the research Director of the Finnish Environment Institute, she is responsible for research integrity and impact, and as the deputy of the Director General, she oversees good governance of research in her organizations and in relevant networks.
Germany Dr. Janina Heim Female Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) CV_janina_heim.pdf Germany would like to nominate Dr. Janina Heim as Alternate Bureau Member for the WEOG region. Dr. Heim is currently Secondary IPBES National Focal Point for Germany and has participated in the IPBES processes since IPBES-7, where she led the negotiations on the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Germany. She has gained experience not only in the scientific realm but also in the international biodiversity policy arena as part of the national CBD and IUCN delegations. Dr. Heim is very familiar with the IPBES procedures and has coordinated several national review processes as well as expert nominations for different IPBES activities. At the national level, she contributed to the establishment of German fellows' support in the IPBES assessments and is a regular speaker at national fora for the preparation of IPBES. Dr. Heim is a passionate advocate for the work of IPBES and also would like to support the platform to carry out activities of the highest scientific quality and highest relevance for policy makers and practitioners.
Italy Prof. Roberto Danovaro Male Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy) CV_roberto_danovaro.pdf Professor Roberto Danovaro is particularly suited for this role from many points of view. He is a highly reputed scientist with international recognitions, also evident from the large number of relevant international awards gained for his scientific contribution and achievements in the in the field of marine biodiversity and global climate change.
He has an uncommon attitude to work for and strengthen the science-policy interface in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem services. His 35 years of experience and long track of top publications in the field of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity provide evidence of his competence in the field.
No less important is the ability of Professor Danovaro to sustain and promote multidisciplinary approaches and his specific interest in the interactions between marine biodiversity, long-term human well-being and sustainable development. More recently these interests conveyed also in the field of One Health with specific focus on marine ecosystems, and the impact of habitat erosion and climate change on the spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases.
At national level Danovaro served as President of the WWF scientific committee for more than 15 years.
Invited speaker in many top-level international conferences, he also organized a conference with the Pontifical Academy of the Vatican City “Health of the seas and ocean and their role in the present and future of humanity” June 8th, 2022 - The World Oceans Day .
The international scientific experience of Roberto Danovaro offered the opportunity to investigate and explore the most remote regions of the world, including Antarctica, the North Atlantic, the South Pacific, the Coral Triangle, and the Indian ocean, the Caribbeans, the Peru Chile marine region and, of course, the Mediterranean. This experience focused on the marine biodiversity and impacts of climate change and anthropogenic impacts offer the opportunity to expand the knowledge and provide fair a global view of the linkage between marine biodiversity and ecosystem services.
In terms of specific expertise and competences, Professor Danovaro is one of the most reputed world scientists on deep-sea ecology and biodiversity (he was asked by the Oxford Dictionary to write the Chapters “Marine Biodiversity” and “Deep-sea Ecology”). These competences might result extremely useful in the frame of the High Seas Treaty of UN. In addition, Roberto is also a member of the JPI Oceans and was actively involved in the last 10 years in the scientific research on the impacts of deep-sea mining.
Roberto Danovaro has member to a relevant number of international committees and boards, and in all of them he was recognized for the legitimacy, integrity, credibility, and independence of his contributions.
He has actively contributed has author and editor of reports for IUCN, SAPEA and the European Marine Board showing a consolidated experience in the writing of high-level documents for a wide and international audience.
Roberto Danovaro has become a reference, even within the international Society for Ecological Restoration (SER), for marine ecosystem restoration, also through the coordination of the first EU project on this topic (MERCES: Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas), contributing to the “Nature Restoration Law” recently proposed by the EU Parliament and teaching Marine Ecosystem Restoration at the international school IMBRSEA (joint Master program organized by eleven European universities).
On the basis of personal understanding and experience, Roberto has a strong aptitude for teamwork and empathetic leadership skills, he is always ready to provide constructive feedback, possesses an ability to strategic and critical thinking, he brings positivity and lightness into the work environment, and respect and inclusiveness.
For all of the reasons reported I'm convinced that he is particularly suited for the role of IPBES Bureau member.
Switzerland Dr. Sebastian König Male Swiss Federal Office for the Environment CV_sebastian_könig.pdf Dr. Sebastian König is an experienced Senior Policy Advisor with a PhD in the field of climate and environmental sciences. He has gained experience in multilateral negotiations as Focal Point for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) for Switzerland and worked for more than 10 years in environment and sustainability policy development and implementation, at national and international levels. He currently serves as the National Focal point for IPBES and IPCC in Switzerland, and has been Head of the Delegation for IPBES and IPCC. He is keen to support the platform to carry out activities of the highest scientific quality and highest relevance for policy makers at national and international levels, and would like to serve as Alternate Bureau Member for the WEOG region.