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IPBES Science at Heart of Guardian Newspaper's Initiative to Include Biodiversity Amongst its Editorial Priorities

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The influential UK-based Guardian newspaper updated its editorial climate pledge to include nature and biodiversity. For this major editorial revision, and intending to ensure that biodiversity is also placed at the heart of their work in the way that climate was a few years back, the publication launched a large news feature. The reports focuses on what the world might look like in 2050 if we do not take the necessary action on biodiversity.

The article concentrates on the five main drivers of biodiversity loss identified by IPBES: land and sea use change, direct exploitation of natural resources, climate change, pollution and invasive species. As such, The Guardian requested perspectives from IPBES experts from different backgrounds, geographies and genders.

IPBES science, particularly from the 2019 Global Assessment and the 2023 Invasive Alien Species Assessment, was not only cited in the article, but it led Guardian to commission it, marking the newspaper's commitment to including biodiversity and related issues amongst its editorial priorities.

IPBES authors and/or experts quoted in the news piece include Sandra Diaz, Emma Archer, Anibal Pauchard, Hanno Seebens, Peter Stoett, Unai Pascual, Jean-Marc Fromentin, Josef Settele and Eduardo Brondizio.
Invasive alien species assessment, Global assessment (1st work programme), Stakeholder engagement, Communications
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