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TRAFFIC NGO Cites IPBES SUA and GA Findings and Recommendations in New Report on Legal and Sustainable Wild Species Trade

The Global NGO, Traffic, has extensively cited IPBES findings and recommendations in its June 2023 report "Legal and sustainable wild species trade: Learnings and implications for nature market governance." The NGO refers to the IPBES Sustainable Use Assessment to provide general context around nature markets based on trade in wild species, as well as market-based voluntary standards, certification schemes, benchmarking and reporting initiatives.

"The 2022 Sustainable Use Assessment (SUA) by IPBES considers that the effectiveness of these initiatives, particularly certification and labelling schemes is varied. They have primarily benefited large-scale operations and have generally been limited to high-value markets," writes TRAFFIC. The SUA's recommendations are also touched on by the TRAFFIC report when focusing on stronger laws, regulations and policies and their enforcement.

The IPBES Global Assessment's findings are also cited to provide an overview of regulated wild species trade.
Sustainable use assessment, Global assessment (1st work programme)
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