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New Study on Economic Models for Social Welfare and Planetary Sustainability Premised in Part on IPBES Findings about Post-Growth Pathways to Sustainability

Based in part on IPBES key messages in the Global Assessment about the imortance of post-growth transitions, a new European research project aims to explore pathways towards a post-growth economy. The project, named "A Post-Growth Deal" (REAL), involves a consortium of researchers from various European universities and institutions. The project aims to develop new economic models that prioritize sustainability and well-being over economic growth.

The project will involve interdisciplinary research and collaboration with stakeholders from various sectors. The current economic system is unsustainable and that there is a need for a new economic model that promotes social and environmental sustainability. The REAL project aims to contribute to this goal by developing a framework for a post-growth economy.
Global assessment (1st work programme)
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