Welcome to the IPBES Impact Tracking Database (TRACK).

The purpose of TRACK is to record, document and share examples of the use of IPBES outputs, such as the IPBES assessment reports, in decision-making or in science.

TRACK is not designed to be comprehensive, analytically rigorous or serve a wider monitoring function – it makes no claim to be an exhaustive list of IPBES impacts. It is, instead, an indicative list for the primary purpose of IPBES communications, outreach and public relations. Apart from a basic eligibility screening, the IPBES secretariat does not independently verify the examples listed in TRACK, which are primarily gleaned from third party stakeholders, media reports and similar sources.

Should you wish to contribute an example of IPBES impact, please go to the TRACK submission portal: www.ipbes.net/impact-tracking  If you wish alert the secretariat to any inaccuracy or anything objectionable in TRACK, please do so by emailing this information to media@ipbes.net with the subject line “TRACK Correction”.


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Titlesort descending Type(s) of impacts generated Impact Date Scale of Impact Region of Impact Country/s of Impact Supporting document(s) Website
French Bee-Repopulation Honey Startup Draws Upon IPBES Pollinators Assessment for Private Venture New/changed investment Sep 2018 National Europe and Central Asia France website
French CEOs sign Act4Nature corporate pledge partly based on results of IPBES Assessment Reports New/changed commitment Jul 2018 National Europe and Central Asia France website
French regional government sets up biodiversity assessment inspired by IPBES New/changed research project Jan 2018 State/Provincial Europe and Central Asia France website
Global fund manager requests IPBES expert briefing on risks of pesticides to pollinators New/changed action/initiative Sep 2018 Organizational
Global mountain biodiversity assessment follows IPBES approach and conceptual framework New/changed research project Jan 2018 Global website
Harmonized indicators developed to monitor biodiversity health of the oceans New/changed research project Jun 2018 Global website
IKI funding for IPBES capacity building in West Africa through WABES New/changed investment Feb 2017 to Jan 2022 Subregional Africa Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cabo Verde, Gambia (Republic of The), Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo website
IKI grant to BES-Net and UNEP-WCMC supporting developing countries address science-policy issues through national and regional capacity building New/changed investment Jan 2016 to Dec 2020 National Cross-regional Cameroon, Colombia, Ethiopia, Viet Nam website
Introduction for practitioners on diverse values of nature developed based on IPBES preliminary guide New/changed action/initiative Jun 2018 Global website
IPBES Americas Assessment cited in amicus brief in Waters of the United States (#WOTUS) litigation by Society of Wetland Scientists New/changed action/initiative May 2018 National Americas United States of America website
IPBES Assessments and conceptual framework cited in and used by WWF for the Living Planet Report 2018 New/changed research project Oct 2018 Organizational Cross-regional website
IPBES assessments used to raise alarm bells about global tipping points New article Jun 2018 Individual website
IPBES cited in draft EU guidance on a strategic framework supporting green and blue infrastructure New/changed action/initiative Aug 2018 Regional Europe and Central Asia
IPBES Conceptual Framework used in medical publication to illustrate interactions between human, animals and environment in emerging infectious diseases and biological invasions New/changed research project Mar 2019 Global website
IPBES Conceptual Framework Used to Analyze Biocultural Approaches to Pollinator Conservation by Indigenous People and Local Communities New/changed research project Mar 2019 Global website
Magnolia Gardens in South Carolina brings in bee colonies to boost pollination, citing IPBES Assessment New/changed action/initiative Mar 2016 Organizational Americas United States of America website
Ministers adopt common continental position on biodiversity protection and land degradation at African Summit - informed by IPBES Assessments New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Regional Africa
National strategy to protect pollinating insects in Poland prepared on basis of IPBES Assessment New/changed action/initiative May 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Poland website
New Zealand issues first report on land issues following IPBES Asia-Pacific and Land Degradation Assessments New/changed research project Apr 2018 National Asia-Pacific Armenia, New Zealand website
Nordic countries carry out 'IPBES-like' biodiversity assessment New/changed research project Jan 2018 Subregional Europe and Central Asia Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden website
P3 - People, Pollution and Pathogens Project working on dataset for future IPBES work program New/changed research project Sep 2018 Regional Europe and Central Asia website
Pollination: Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators New/changed network Global website
Pollination: Decision adopted by the conference of the parties to the CBD New/changed commitment Global Cross-regional
Pollination: United Nations Declares 20 May World Bee Day New/changed action/initiative Global website
Project to reforest Dry Corridor of Central America and Dominican Republic partially premised on IPBES Report New/changed action/initiative Aug 2018 Subregional Americas Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama website
Proposal to establish a virtual collaboration platform for inter- and trans-disciplinary research in support of international environmental policy New/changed idea May 2018 Global
Ramsar Global Wetland Outlook Builds on IPBES Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment New/changed research project Sep 2018 Organizational website
RAMSAR Uses IPBES Framework on Values to Create Policy Brief on Integrating Multiple Values of Wetlands into Decision-Making New/changed research project Sep 2017 Global website
Research builds on IPBES ILK focused on local shepherd's knowledge and data on the scavenging ecosystem service in Spain New/changed research project May 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Spain website
Researchers Develop Criteria to Improve Biodiversity and Species Distribution Modelling to Meet Needs of IPBES and others New/changed research project Jan 2019 Global website