Welcome to the IPBES Impact Tracking Database (TRACK).

The purpose of TRACK is to record, document and share examples of the use of IPBES outputs, such as the IPBES assessment reports, in decision-making or in science.

TRACK is not designed to be comprehensive, analytically rigorous or serve a wider monitoring function – it makes no claim to be an exhaustive list of IPBES impacts. It is, instead, an indicative list for the primary purpose of IPBES communications, outreach and public relations. Apart from a basic eligibility screening, the IPBES secretariat does not independently verify the examples listed in TRACK, which are primarily gleaned from third party stakeholders, media reports and similar sources.

Should you wish to contribute an example of IPBES impact, please go to the TRACK submission portal: www.ipbes.net/impact-tracking  If you wish alert the secretariat to any inaccuracy or anything objectionable in TRACK, please do so by emailing this information to media@ipbes.net with the subject line “TRACK Correction”.


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Titlesort descending Type(s) of impacts generated Impact Date Scale of Impact Region of Impact Country/s of Impact Supporting document(s) Website
Citing the IPBES Global Assessment, Microsoft announces that it will provide the University of Western Australia with a grant to help protect threatened species New/changed investment Aug 2019 Organizational Cross-regional Australia website
City Council of Cambridge, England Declares Biodiversity Emergency, Noting IPBES Global Assessment, Pledges Net Gains for Biodiversity New/changed law/regulation May 2019 City/Community Europe and Central Asia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland website
Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators grows again - EU and 3 new countries join at CBD COP14 New/changed network Nov 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Belarus, Estonia, Norway website
Colombia begins national biodiversity assessment based on IPBES methodology New/changed research project Oct 2018 National Americas Colombia website
Colombia developing national pollinators strategy New/changed policy National Americas Colombia website
COP Parties request the CBD Exec. Sec. to communicate with IPBES Exec. Sec. to facilitate dissemination of the outcomes of the assessment of the sustainable use of wild species New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
Côte d'Ivoire crafts road map on using IPBES Assessment at national and local level New/changed commitment Apr 2018 National Africa Côte d’Ivoire
Dialogue inspired by IPBES Pollination Assessment across indigenous, local and scientific knowledge systems New/changed action/initiative Jan 2019 Global Thailand
Dominican Republic includes mandatory consideration of pollinators and habitats in biodiversity and ecosystem surveys New/changed law/regulation Sep 2018 National Americas Dominican Republic
Dragon Capital and University of Exeter launch a programme to chart the link between biodiversity and economic performance New/changed investment Jul 2019 Multi-organizational/network Cross-regional United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Viet Nam website
Drawing on the IPBES Global Assessment, the Society for Conservation Biology proposes concept for global biodiversity financing New/changed research project Aug 2019 Multi-organizational/network Cross-regional website
DRC crafts road map to use IPBES assessment results at national and local level New/changed commitment Apr 2018 National Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo
DRC creates national biodiversity and ecosystem services task force on strength of IPBES Africa assessment New/changed action/initiative Aug 2018 National Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo website
During 2019 G7 Leaders' Summit, all G7 States, as well as Australia, Chile, India and South Africa, announced that they will sign the Metz Charter on Biodiversity informed by the Global Assessment New/changed commitment Aug 2019 Global Cross-regional Australia, Canada, Chile, European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America website
During the third session of Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Conference, the High Seas Alliance referred to the IPBES Global Assessment as proof that the BBNJ Treaty is urgently needed New/changed idea Aug 2019 Global Cross-regional website
Dutch sign national bee protection strategy "Bed and Breakfast for Bees" New/changed action/initiative Jan 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Netherlands website
EU calls for stronger global action on biodiversity citing IPBES assessment Other Nov 2018 Global website
EU Pollinators Initiative informed by IPBES Pollinators Assessment New/changed action/initiative Jun 2018 Regional Europe and Central Asia website
Europe: Public consultation on an EU initiative for pollinators New/changed action/initiative Jan 2018 to Apr 2018 Regional Europe and Central Asia website
European Commission funding for research and innovation action on interrelations between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services New/changed investment Nov 2018 to Dec 2020 Regional Europe and Central Asia website
European Union Aligns EU Biodiversity Barometer Launch with IPBES Global Assessment New/changed research project May 2019 Regional Europe and Central Asia European Union website
European Union Staffers' Launch Biodiversity and Climate Petition Citing IPBES Calling for EU Declaration of Planetary Emergency New/changed action/initiative Jun 2019 Regional Europe and Central Asia website
Following Global Assessment Briefing French President Macron Announced New Action to Protect Biodiversity New/changed commitment May 2019 National France website
Following the Global Assessment, the Bristol Museum shrouded its endangered wildlife exhibits in a mourning veil to raise awareness of species at risk of extinction New/changed action/initiative Aug 2019 Organizational Europe and Central Asia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland website
Following the Global Assessment, UN Experts Warn that Biodiversity Loss Seriously Threatens Human Rights New/changed idea Jun 2019 Global website
Former US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein cites IPBES in statement opposing changes to the Endangered Species Act New/changed idea Aug 2019 National Americas United States of America website
Forthcoming documentary film to feature Global Assessment Other Jul 2019 Individual
France: EFESE the French platform for the evaluation of ecosystems and ecosystem services New/changed network Jan 2012 National France website
France: Regional initiative, based on IPBES, launched in New Aquitaine to create a pool of lead scientists to work on biodiversity New/changed action/initiative Jan 2017 State/Provincial France website
French Bee-Repopulation Honey Startup Draws Upon IPBES Pollinators Assessment for Private Venture New/changed investment Sep 2018 National Europe and Central Asia France website