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Application for the task force on capacity-building

Nominated experts should have expertise specific to the task force to which they are being nominated – for example in the disciplines of natural science, social science, the humanities, or Indigenous and local knowledge systems. Nominated experts may be academics, policy experts and/or practitioners who come from qualified national, regional and international scientific organizations, centres of excellence and institutions. All nominees should have experience in working in interdisciplinary and/or global contexts. Governments and relevant stakeholders are invited to ensure gender balance in their nominations.

For the task force on capacity-building, nominees can include (a) representatives of qualified national, regional and international scientific and development organizations, centres of excellence and institutions, including experts on Indigenous and local knowledge, that are known for their work and expertise on issues related to the mandate of the task force and are existing or prospective partners or collaborative supporters in the capacity-building activities of IPBES; and (b) recognized individual experts, including Indigenous and local knowledge experts, in one or more of the following areas within the science-policy sphere for biodiversity and ecosystem services: stakeholder engagement, knowledge exchange, coordinating training and development activities, facilitating workshops, and catalysing financial and in-kind support.

Application deadline: 19 November 2023. - Application closed!

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