Project title Capacity building for development,  use of national biodiversity indicators and biodiversity reporting
Implementing Institutions Biodiversity Conservation Agency
Country(ies) Vietnam
Abstract The project is to support the development and use of biodiversity indicators in biodiversity reporting system. It is link to the priority IPBES capacity building needs, especially the following: i) Improve the capacity for access to data, information and knowledge; ii) Develop the capacity for enhanced and meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement.
Project Description Viet Nam is located along the eastern coast of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It  is within the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, which is well-known for the most species-rich ecosystems.

Vietnam has become a party of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) since 1994. Government also has developed lot of policies and legal framework for conservation and sustainable use of  biodiversity in Vietnam. Recently, the National Strategy on Biodiversity until 2020 with vision to 2030 was adopted by Prime Minister in 2013, which identified priorities and tasks for conservation in the upcoming years. In which, there is a need for development of biodiversity reporting system. Which is identified as an important tool  for policy making process, as well as for fulfilling the obligation of reporting  to the CBD. In order to set up a reporting system, the following needs should be addressed:

- to set up national biodiversity indicators and its monitoring mechanism; a clearing house mechanism (CHM)and information sharing system on biodiversity

- to set up  provincial and protected biodiversity indicators and its monitoring mechanism; develop information hubs to connect with the National CHM

- to train relevant staffs and stakeholders in development and use of biodiversity indicators and carrying out information sharing information.

Biodiversity Conservation Agency is the organization in charge of above mentioned tasks, but is very limited in capacity and experience on this area. Hence, it is looking for the support of IPBES for a capacity building project for this area.

Project Objectives and expected Achievables The objectives of the project:

- Strengthen national capacity in biodiversity in reporting system through sound biodiversity indicators and information sharing mechanism

Expected outputs:

- By end of the first year: relevant staffs and stakeholders understand about development and use of biodiversity indicators

- By end of the second year: guidance for  development of biodiversity indicators at national, province and protected area is developed and tested; reporting mechanism in place and demonstrated

Timeframe 2 years
Geographic Scale National
Seeking Resources for: Project implementation
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial, Technical
Project relevance: 
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