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Researchers Operationalize IPBES Nature Futures Framework to Catalyze Development of Nature-Future Scenarios

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Members of the IPBES task force on scenarios and models have provided an example of how the Nature Futures Framework can be implemented for the development of illustrative narratives representing a diversity of desirable nature futures: information that can be used to assess and develop scenarios and models whilst acknowledging the underpinning value perspectives on nature.

To explore the interdependence between narratives, and therefore their potential to be translated into scenarios and models, six narratives developed were assessed around three areas of the transformative change debate, specifically, (1) land sparing vs. land sharing, (2) Half Earth vs. Whole Earth conservation, and (3) green growth vs. post-growth economic development.

The paper concludes with an assessment of how the Nature Futures Framework could be used to assist in developing and articulating transformative pathways towards desirable nature futures.

The article is part of the Sustainability Science journal's Special Feature: Operationalizing the Nature Futures Framework to Catalyze the Development of Nature-Future Scenarios.
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Values assessment, Global assessment (1st work programme), Plenary, Scenarios and models assessment, Workshop on modelling nature future scenarios, Nature’s Contributions to People (NCP)
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