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Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT)

IBAT offers a ‘one-stop shop’ data search service for those seeking authoritative global biodiversity information. Described by our users as “a must for any project on biodiversity conservation”, IBAT provides fast, easy, and integrated acces to three of the world’s most authoritative global biodiversity datasets: the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the World Database of Key Biodiversity Areas and the World Database on Protected Areas.

IBAT is a subscription-based service providing open and free access to biodiversity maps as well as added-value paid-for services such as reports, packaged data downloads, and web services.

IBAT was developed and is maintained by the IBAT Alliance: Birdlife International, Conservation International, IUCN and UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

Aim of the resource

The aim of IBAT is to enable decision-makers to access integrated critical information to inform risk assessment processes, national or regional development strategies and the practical implementation of environmental safeguard policies.

IBAT Alliance Partners share a common vision that “decisions affecting critical biodiversity should be informed by the best and most up to date scientific information and the decision makers who use that information should help support its generation and maintenance”.

Potential limitations from using the resource
• The IBAT initial assessment is a desktop exercise and should be supplemented by further literature review, spatial analyses, and local expert advice and stakeholder consultation during each stage of the project life cycle.
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