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Policy Support Gateway Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for resources?

The information stored in the Policy Support Gateway is accessible through a variety of filters, including families of policy support tools and methodologies; categories of policy instruments or scale of application, among others.

1) You can perform a search by entering a specific keyword (no sentences):

Search Bar

2) If you already know the type of product(s) you are looking for, click on ‘search’:


3) You can also narrow down your search with the following filters by ticking all that apply (open the headers by clicking on the ^):


All Filters


How is the quality of the Gateway’s content guaranteed?

As requested by the Plenary in decision IPBES-4/1, it is intended that policy support tools and methodologies in the Gateway are “provided by experts, Governments and stakeholders” through an “open and transparent process”. The intention is therefore that wherever possible original content is provided by those responsible for development of the tools or methodologies; but that opportunity is also provided through a comments section for users of the Gateway to provide their own feedback on the use and value of specific tools and methodologies, in order to gather feedback in a transparent manner. Users are encouraged to be proactive in their use of the Gateway, and so comment when they think a resource needs editing, updating, or even removing if the content is unsatisfactory in any way. This feedback is extremely valuable.

Are the tools listed in the Gateway available at "no cost"?

Free and open access to its deliverables and to the material on which they are based is a core value of IPBES. The Gateway aims to list all relevant available tools and methodologies, case studies and learning opportunities some of which may be open sources, however, some may be subject to copyrights. Usage rights will depended on the resource developer.

Who can add a resource? Can I?

The gateway has been archived and is no longer being maintained. New resources should not be added.

Can I search the Gateway from anywhere – even my phone?


Is it possible to enlarge text?

You can enlarge text on your browser itself. Hold down the ‘control’ (Ctrl) button on the keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel in or out. Once you have begun zooming, you can edit it more accurately by pressing the zoom button in the top right-hand corner of the web browser, at the end of the search bar – it looks like a magnifying glass. Here you can also reset the zoom to its normal level. The zoom button then disappears.

Is your question missing?

Please don’t hesitate to contact the technical support unit on policy support tools and methodologies at: [email protected]