Bayesialab 7.0 is a powerful desktop application with a highly sophisticated graphical user interface based on Bayesian networks mathematical formalism that can simultaneously represent a multitude of probabilistic relationships between variables in a system. It provides a comprehensive 'lab' environment for machine learning, knowledge modeling, dianosis, analysis, simulation, and optimization.

Aim of the resource: 
<p>Bayesialab offers an extensive analytics, simulation and optimization toolset, providing support for policy development and decision making. It can carry out 'omni-directional inference,' i.e., reason from cause to effect (simulation), or from effect to cause (diagnosis), within the Bayesian network model. The latter contains nodes and directed arcs representing variables and its relationships.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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Central and Western Europe
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Full, working product
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Stefan Conrady, Managing Partner, Bayesialab
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