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Call for offers to host the technical support unit for the IPBES monitoring assessment

  • Monitoring assessment
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Dear IPBES members, observers and other interested stakeholders,

The Plenary, at its tenth session, held from 28 August to 2 September 2023, approved the undertaking, for consideration by the Plenary at IPBES 13 (decision IPBES-10/1), of a methodological assessment on monitoring biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people (“monitoring assessment”).

In the same decision, the Plenary requested the secretariat, in consultation with the Bureau and in accordance with the approved budget set out in the annex to decision IPBES-10/3, to establish the institutional arrangements necessary to implement the technical support required for the work programme.

I am pleased to herewith invite Governments and relevant organizations to submit to the secretariat their offers to host the technical support unit for the monitoring assessment.

As stated in the rolling work programme up to 2030 of IPBES, technical support for the implementation of the work programme is provided by the secretariat and, for some of the objectives, complemented by a technical support unit, as appropriate. The secretariat issues open calls for expressions of interest in providing technical support, including in-kind support from Governments and other stakeholders, for the establishment of these units. The most suitable institutions will be selected by the Bureau and will work under the authority of the Executive Secretary (see annex I to decision IPBES-7/1). 

Interested Governments or relevant organizations are invited to submit their offer prepared according to the template provided here, enclosing the following attachments:

  1. an application form, using the template provided here;
  2. a copy of the certificate of registration of the entity which will host the technical support unit; and
  3. a copy of the latest audited financial statement of the entity which will host the technical support unit.

The offer should include specific information regarding:

  • Relevance of the work of the host institution to the monitoring assessment;
  • Administration and staffing of the technical support unit; and
  • Funding arrangements, including a budget detailing how the dedicated funds from the IPBES trust fund and the matching in-kind contribution from the host institution would be used.

The offer should be submitted to the secretariat at: [email protected] by Monday, 23 October 2023 (Central European Summer Time). The host institution of the technical support unit will be selected by the IPBES Bureau, and institutional arrangements subsequently put in place in line with agreed procedures. 

I thank you in advance for your continued support to IPBES.

Dr Anne Larigauderie | Executive Secretary
Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)