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Linking water scarcity in arid, semi arid lands and deserts to secure drrinking water , food production and desert revegetation

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As arid ecosystems in Mediterranean, Arabian and African Sahara are subjected to fluctuation and shortage of rainfall. Thus, conserving and optimizing smartly occasional water availability and occasional flash floods that became common recently due to climate change.  Smart utilization of water resources in arid land revegetation using native plants, producing food and securing drinking water is indispensable in such fragile ecosystem 

1- Already, some initiatives and for-profit projects established agro-food production project in deserts. We need to Present some case studies and initiatives /business that are working in producing food in deserts and evaluate/present their extent and contribution in utilizing water smartly.

2-Assessment of the local communities/stakeholders in harvesting water for securing their water needs

3- What are other   innovations that could support the optimum utilization of scare water conditions, floods, scarce rainfall.

4- Linking also opportunities to utilize the scarce water in revegetation (greening) arid ecosystems using native plants rather than exotic plant s that could lead to invasive behavior and exacerbate the desertification condition. 

5- Evaluate the ecosystem services in all mentioned scenarios.