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To Strengthen Assessments of Freshwater Ecosystems, Researchers Employ IPBES Nature Futures Framework

A new article published in the Sustainability Science journal explores how the Nature Futures Framework (NFF) may be implemented for improved assessment of freshwater ecosystems. In the article, researchers outline how the NFF and its main value perspectives can be translated to freshwater systems and explore what desirable freshwater futures would look like from three perspectives (Nature for Nature, Nature for Society, and Nature as Culture).

Second, they also review scenario strategies and current models to examine how freshwater modelling can be linked to the NFF in terms of its aims and outcomes. In doing so, authors aimed to identify which aspects of the NFF framework are not yet captured in current freshwater models and suggest possible ways to bridge them.

"We believe that the knowledge gaps that exist should be bridged by mobilising existing freshwater research communities and projects to model nature futures for freshwater ecosystems. We see the development of the Nature Futures Framework under IPBES as an opportunity for freshwater modelling communities from across the world to strengthen the representation of freshwater nature and biodiversity in global environmental governance," wrote the authors, extensively building on IPBES science throughout the publication.

"Current freshwater ecosystem models can represent Nature for Nature, partially represent Nature for Society, and represent limited or indirect aspects of Nature as Culture," they concluded.
Nature Futures Framework, Values assessment, Global assessment (1st work programme), Scenarios and models assessment
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