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German Hunters Use IPBES Science to Advocate for Better Measures to Control Invasive Alien Species

The German Hunters Association (DJV) has called on the "federal and state governments to better coordinate management measures for invasive species in the future and commit to hunting as a tool for species protection."

Citing the IPBES Assessment on Invasive Alien Species and their Control, the DJV stated: "Only recently, [IPBES] pointed out the negative, sometimes irreversible effects of invasive alien species on biological diversity: along with habitat loss, they are one of the five main causes of global species loss."

"Current political measures for management and their implementation are inadequate and there is an urgent need for action," it continued. Focusing on raccoons, the DJV claims that planned restrictions on hunting in Rhineland-Palatinate and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania endanger biodiversity and that the species benefits from the ban on trapping.
Invasive alien species assessment
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