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7 Directors from Natural Science Institutes from Europe Reference IPBES Science in Open Letter Supporting the European Nature Restoration Law

In June 2023, seven directors from natural science institutes in Europe referenced IPBES in an open letter supporting the European Nature Restoration Law, which was later passed by the European Parliament in July 2023.

"Report after report, from regional or national studies to international organizations such as IPCC and IPBES, the science is clear: we must act now, not only on climate but also on biodiversity, as both are intricately and inseparably linked. That is why we are addressing you today," states the open letter.

Furthermore, the letter also cites IPBES findings by stating: "With currently one million species at risk of extinction we hope you will take the right decisions to avoid nature to be found only in our museums."

The public were invited to sign the open letter in support of the directors' appeal. Signatories included the directors of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in The Netherlands, the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in France, the UK's Natural History Museum, and CETAF - Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities.
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