GIZ ValuES "Payments for Ecosystem Services" Training course

<p>The course addresses Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes as projects or individual transactions, rather than national PES programs. The goal is to ensure that participants understand the mechanics and rationale of PES schemes. The cases introduced during the training progressively introduce larger scale and greater institutional complexity.</p>

GIZ ValuES "Principles of Ecosystem Services Assessments for Policy Impacts" Training course

<p>Assessing ecosystem services is often regarded as a key argument to protect the environment. However, the results of assessments are often not taken into consideration when formulating management strategies or choosing policy options. This training builds capacities to support assessment processes that are relevant, legitimate and purpose oriented. The training is aligned with current developments in conservation efforts such as IPBES.</p>

GIZ ValuES "Integrating Ecosystem Services into Development Planning" training course

This GIZ training advocates a stepwise approach for recognizing, demonstrating and capturing the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services for development planning. The training combines the theoretical and practical elements of the stepwise approach and guides participants through the application of each step ( The training is based on the Harvard Case Methodology, which conveys teaching messages mainly through interactive practical work by participants.

GIZ ValuES "Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services" Training course

Measuring the economic linkages and values associated with biodiversity and ecosystem services is often regarded as a key argument to make the case for conservation investments. In reality, however, economic valuation studies often do not reach decisionmakers or influence real-world conservation and development planning, policy and practice. At the same time, project planners and managers often lack the capacity and knowhow to identify how, and in which ways, ecosystem valuation can best be used to assist them in their work or to further their mandate.