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Spring system traps

Posted by Mike Jones on
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One thing not mentioned so far in this series of presentations and discussions is the matter of archetypal system traps identified by Donella Meadows and the changes in governance that might be applied to spring those traps. This is an aspect of systems thinking that can be applied at any level of scale and would contribute to the development of fractal like repeating patterns of change that Karen mentioned in her presentation. Releasing system traps, especially in large scale systems where the “success to the successful” trap is deeply entrenched will not be easy. Successful people tilt laws and policies to favour their interest. Success to the successful is a dominant trap in the global system that has led to the enormous accumulation of power in the hands of transnational corporations and led to the enormously inequitable distribution of wealth. Including awareness raising or “conscientizing” people in all walks of life would be a useful part of the how we do it process.