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Global Risk Data Platform

The Global Risk Data Platform allows the visualisation of data on natural hazards, exposure (both human and economic) and risk. Users may perform zooms, pan to a particular area, add different layers of general data including cities, national parks, etc. Created and hosted by UNEP/GRID-Geneva.

Requirements for using the resource NEW

Users can visualise, download or use the data live in a GIS software

Potential benefits from using the resource
Different backgrounds can be chosen to highlight different components reflecting vulnerability, such as population distribution, GDP per capita, elevation, land cover
Layers of natural hazards can be added for both events and yearly average for tropical cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, biomass fires, floods, landslides and tsunamis
Scale of application
UN languages in which the resource is available
Development stage
Full, working product
Pascal Peduzzi
Is the resource freely available?
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