The ecosystem services card game is a method developed to capture the sociocultural values related to ecosystem services. It combines photo-elicitation with a rating exercise.

    Aim of the resource: 

    It serves a double purpose: 1) it encourages interviewees to reflect what an ecosystem services means to him/her and thus provides qualitative information. 2) by rating ecosystem services according to a relevant evaluation criterion, a quantitative ranking of ecosystem services can be obtained and comparisons between ecosystem services can be made. The evaluation criterion usually relates to the demand side of ecosystem services (e.g. importance, usefulness, level of use, desirability), but it could also be used to evaluate the supply side (e.g. occurrence, level of supply).

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    Dutch (Belgium)
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    Full, working product
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    Ilse Simoens, Rolinde Demeyer, Francis Turkelboom