ECOPLAN-SE is a QGIS plugin for evaluating ecosystem services supply. It is able to calculate and evaluate quantitatively the effects of spatial scenarios on 18 different ecosystem services: 4 producing, 8 regulating, 3 supporting and 3 cultural services. The user can define and then evaluate the scenarios using quantitative models. The tool presents the results of the calculations in several, understandable ways.

Aim of the resource: 
<p>Often, many alternative scenarios are considered for spatial development projects. However, scenarios can have unexpected effects on the delivery of ecosystem services. ECOPLAN-SE calculates the associated effects and presents the results in an understandable way. The analysis can help in the development of a more multi-functional project design and with the communication to the wider public.</p>
Sub/region where used: 
Central and Western Europe
Scale of application: 
Practical information
Other languages in which the resource is available: 
Dutch (Belgium)
Development stage: 
Full, working product
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Jan Staes & Dirk Vrebos
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