This document was produced as the main output of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network's (BES-Net) first Regional Trialogue on Pollinators, Food Security and Rural Development on Pollinators, Food Security and Rural Development, Eastern Europe. The event was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), on 18-20 October 2017 with the aim to enhance the uptake of the IPBES's Thematic Assessment Report on Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production, and participated by representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova and Montenegro. 

The document elaborates a set of concrete actions to be implemented in tandem by three BES-Net communities of practitioners, indigenous and local knowledge holders/scientists and policymakers at different levels to better address pollinators and related issues in the region.


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<p>The BES-Net Trialogues aim to address the current problem of the weak interface between science/traditional knowledge, policy and practice. Experience has shown that scientific reports and one-way transfer of information alone neither strengthen capacity nor lead to inclusive and effective decision-making. The Trialogue, therefore, provides a constructive space to learn together, fostering inter-cultural understanding and interinstitutional coordination so that multiple stakeholders can: i) jointly frame the problems around biodiversity/ecosystem issues of common concern; ii) generate innovative solutions; iii) identify policy options within a given context, and iv) generate a commitment to concerted action.</p>
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Eastern Europe
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