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National and regional platforms and networks

A range of platforms and networks on biodiversity and ecosystem services exist at the national and regional level and greatly support, in many different ways, the work of IPBES. For example, many of them facilitate the uptake of IPBES products, including by organizing uptake events for completed assessments and other deliverables, catalyse further activities based on the work of IPBES and facilitate the input of stakeholders into the work of IPBES.

Opportunities for national platforms and networks to engage with and contribute to the work of IPBES

Report of the online dialogue workshop with national and regional platforms engaging in IPBES: Communicating the importance of biodiversity for nature and people (1 March 2022)

An overview of reported national and regional platforms and networks is presented below.

National platforms

Country Name of the platform Contact person
Armenia IPBES Armenia Levon Aghasyan
Belgium Belgian Biodiversity Platform (BBPf) Hilde Eggermont
Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Ministry on Environment and Tourism Cero Mehmed
Brazil Brazilian Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services/BPBES Carlos Alfredo Joly
Colombia IPBES National Committee from Colombia Juanita Chaves
Denmark IPBES in Denmark Lars Dinesen
Finland Finnish National IPBES Working Group Juuli Närhi
Finland Finnish Nature Panel Janne S. Kotiaho
France French Committee for IPBES Nathalie Morata
Germany German IPBES Coordination Office Dr. Mariam Akhtar-Schuster
Grenada Sustainable Development Council Aria St.Louis
Hungary IPBES Hungarian Platform András Báldi
Japan Japanese IPBES Platform Ichiro HAMA
Lithuania Ieva Čaraitė
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) Science-Policy Interface IPBES in the Netherlands (IPBES-NL) Machteld Schoolenberg
Nigeria National Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Platform Professor Ahmed Dankishya
Portugal Portuguese platform Helena Freitas
South Africa National IPBES HUB Dr. Kiruben Naicker
Spain Miguel Aymerich
Sweden Scientific Council for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at SEPA for IPBES related questions Cecilia Lindblad
Switzerland IPBES-CH Eva Spehn
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland UK IPBES Stakeholder Network Jessica Magnus

Regional platforms

Name of the platform Contact person
eca_network_logo.png Europe and Central Asia Network of Organisations (ECA) Hilde Eggermont


The inclusion in the list of “national and regional platforms and networks” does not constitute any official endorsement the listed organizations, institutions or networks or their activities and products or their officials by IPBES or the United Nations Environment Programme.