Impact Tracking Database - Patrick Tonissen - 20/03/2019

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Researchers Develop Criteria to Improve Biodiversity and Species Distribution Modelling to Meet Needs of IPBES and others
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A large team of researchers analyzed a sample size of 400 Species Distribution Models (SDMs) used from 1995-2015 in order to develop a framework for evaluating such modelling. The researchers note that “the aims of establishing best-practice standards for models in biodiversity assessments are to provide a hierarchy of reliability, ensure transparency and consistency in the translation of scientific results into policy, and encourage improvements in the underlying science.” They specify that the purpose of their project is to help meet the needs of IPBES and others.
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New/changed research project
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Conceptual Framework
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January, 2019
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IPBES secretariat
Communications Consultant
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Secretariat: Bonn