Impact Tracking Database - Anonymous - 19/03/2019

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CBD Parties urge the use of all products of IPBES in preparation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework
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CBD COP 14 Decision 14/1: Updated assessment of progress towards selected Aichi Biodiversity Targets and options to accelerate progress, in which the Conference of the Parties welcomed with appreciation the IPBES Regional Assessments of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe and Central Asia, and the thematic Assessment of Land Degradation and Restoration; encouraged parties to the convention and other Governments to make use of these assessments, with a view to informing actions at the national level; urged parties and invited other governments and relevant organizations to strengthen the capacities of national focal points for the convention and decision makers to make effective use of the findings of the assessments; and requested the Executive Secretary of the convention to use and analyse the outcomes of all products of IPBES, in the preparation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework under the Convention
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New/changed commitment
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November, 2018
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