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WEF Draws on IPBES Findings in New White Paper on Using Spatial Intelligence for Business Action on Nature and Climate

Published by the World Economic Forum in September 2022, the “Location Matters: Using spatial intelligence for business action on nature and climate” white paper was written collaboratively by the Forum’s Global Future Council on Nature-Based Solutions and the SPACES Coalition – a growing initiative guiding governments and business networks on how to utilise spatial intelligence to accelerate progress for nature and climate.

The paper uses findings from the IPBES Global Assessment Report, stating that "the rise in global temperature of 1.1°C since pre-industrial times is already generating record extreme heat, droughts, forest fires, flooding and sea level rise that threaten food security, water security and livelihoods." It also refers to the report by pointing out that "it is beyond doubt that both nature and climate materially affect current and future business activities."

Similarly, the report highlights the IPBES-IPCC Co-Sponsored Workshop: Biodiversity and Climate Change – Scientific outcome, by pointing out that "while often viewed in silos, the nature and climate crises are fundamentally interconnected. To address them effectively requires integrated, urgent and concerted action".
Global assessment (1st work programme), IPBES-IPCC co-sponsored workshop on biodiversity and climate change
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