Impact Tracking Database - Laurence Perianin - 31/01/2018

Informative Title/Headline (English only) : 
Europe: Public consultation on an EU initiative for pollinators
Language(s) of Evidence of Impact: 
Description of Impact(s) (English Only): 
Based on scientific evidence, from IPBES, FAO and national initiatives, EU is launching an initiative that aims to tackle the decline of pollinators by increasing the effectiveness of EU policies for pollinators and raising the political profile of the issue. Addressing the decline of pollinators will support EU's efforts in halting the loss of biodiversity and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.
Type(s) of Impact(s) Generated (English Only: 
New/changed action/initiative
Relevant IPBES element(s): 
Nature’s Contributions to People (NCP)
Date/range of ‘Implementation': 
January, 2018 to April, 2018
Scale of Impact: 
Region of Impact: 
Europe and Central Asia