Impact Tracking Database - Laurence Perianin - 31/01/2018

Informative Title/Headline (English only) : 
France: Regional initiative, based on IPBES, launched in New Aquitaine to create a pool of lead scientists to work on biodiversity
Language(s) of Evidence of Impact: 
Description of Impact(s) (English Only): 
New initiative at regional level to regroup lead scientists to tackle Biodiversity related issues and challenges. It could serve as forerunner for a similar initiative at the national level and perhaps the international level.
Type(s) of Impact(s) Generated (English Only: 
New/changed action/initiative
Relevant IPBES element(s): 
Conceptual Framework
Date/range of ‘Implementation': 
January, 2017
Scale of Impact: 
New Aquitaine
Country/Countries of Impact: