Welcome to the IPBES Impact Tracking Database (TRACK).

The purpose of TRACK is to record, document and share examples of the use of IPBES outputs, such as the IPBES assessment reports, in decision-making or in science.

TRACK is not designed to be comprehensive, analytically rigorous or serve a wider monitoring function – it makes no claim to be an exhaustive list of IPBES impacts. It is, instead, an indicative list for the primary purpose of IPBES communications, outreach and public relations. Apart from a basic eligibility screening, the IPBES secretariat does not independently verify the examples listed in TRACK, which are primarily gleaned from third party stakeholders, media reports and similar sources.

Should you wish to contribute an example of IPBES impact, please go to the TRACK submission portal: www.ipbes.net/impact-tracking  If you wish alert the secretariat to any inaccuracy or anything objectionable in TRACK, please do so by emailing this information to media@ipbes.net with the subject line “TRACK Correction”.


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Title Type(s) of impacts generated Impact Date Scale of Impact Region of Impact Country/s of Impact Supporting document(s) Website
Colombia developing national pollinators strategy New/changed policy National Americas Colombia website
EU Pollinators Initiative informed by IPBES Pollinators Assessment New/changed action/initiative Regional Europe and Central Asia website
Pollination: Decision adopted by the conference of the parties to the CBD New/changed commitment Global Cross-regional
Pollination: United Nations Declares 20 May World Bee Day New/changed action/initiative Global website
Brazil: Creation of Brazilian Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BPBES) New/changed network National Americas Brazil website
Pollination: Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators New/changed network Global website