Welcome to the IPBES Impact Tracking Database (TRACK).

The purpose of TRACK is to record, document and share examples of the use of IPBES outputs, such as the IPBES assessment reports, in decision-making or in science.

TRACK is not designed to be comprehensive, analytically rigorous or serve a wider monitoring function – it makes no claim to be an exhaustive list of IPBES impacts. It is, instead, an indicative list for the primary purpose of IPBES communications, outreach and public relations. Apart from a basic eligibility screening, the IPBES secretariat does not independently verify the examples listed in TRACK, which are primarily gleaned from third party stakeholders, media reports and similar sources.

Should you wish to contribute an example of IPBES impact, please go to the TRACK submission portal: www.ipbes.net/impact-tracking  If you wish alert the secretariat to any inaccuracy or anything objectionable in TRACK, please do so by emailing this information to media@ipbes.net with the subject line “TRACK Correction”.


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Title Type(s) of impacts generated Impact Date Scale of Impact Region of Impactsort descending Country/s of Impact Supporting document(s) Website
RAMSAR Uses IPBES Framework on Values to Create Policy Brief on Integrating Multiple Values of Wetlands into Decision-Making New/changed research project Sep 2017 Global website
Proposal to establish a virtual collaboration platform for inter- and trans-disciplinary research in support of international environmental policy New/changed idea May 2018 Global
Following Global Assessment Briefing French President Macron Announced New Action to Protect Biodiversity New/changed commitment May 2019 National France website
UN Environment Foresight brief on insect services, threats and solutions features IPBES Pollination Assessment data New article Jan 2019 Global
IPBES Conceptual Framework Used to Analyze Biocultural Approaches to Pollinator Conservation by Indigenous People and Local Communities New/changed research project Mar 2019 Global website
Belmont Forum and BiodivERsA offer >Euro 23 million to fund proposals addressing gaps and barriers in biodiversity and ecosystem scenarios identified in IPBES Assessment New/changed investment Jul 2017 Global website
UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 Initiative proposed by El Salvador mentions IPBES LDR report New/changed action/initiative Sep 2018 Global website
IPBES Conceptual Framework used in medical publication to illustrate interactions between human, animals and environment in emerging infectious diseases and biological invasions New/changed research project Mar 2019 Global website
CBD Parties urge the use of all products of IPBES in preparation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
Ramsar Global Wetland Outlook Builds on IPBES Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment New/changed research project Sep 2018 Organizational website
CBD Parties note the relevance of IPBES Assessment of Scenarios and Models to discussions on the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity and the development of post-2020 biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
Mary Robinson, Chair of the Elders uses Global Assessment to mobilize support during High-level Political Forum (HLPF) speech New/changed idea Jul 2019 Global website
Researchers Develop Criteria to Improve Biodiversity and Species Distribution Modelling to Meet Needs of IPBES and others New/changed research project Jan 2019 Global website
UN Secretary General, French and Chinese Foreign Ministers Highlight IPBES Global Assessment at G20 Summit in Osaka New/changed commitment Jun 2019 Global China, France website
Forthcoming documentary film to feature Global Assessment Other Jul 2019 Individual
Global mountain biodiversity assessment follows IPBES approach and conceptual framework New/changed research project Jan 2018 Global website
EU calls for stronger global action on biodiversity citing IPBES assessment Other Nov 2018 Global website
Parties request the CBD Exec. Sec. informed by IPBES to consider linkages and interdependencies between biodiversity and climate change in preparing post-2020 global biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
G20 Recognizes Biodiversity Loss Alongside Climate Change as Urgent Global Challenge in Osaka 28-29 June 2019 Declaration New/changed commitment Jun 2019 Global Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America website
Following the Global Assessment, UN Experts Warn that Biodiversity Loss Seriously Threatens Human Rights New/changed idea Jun 2019 Global website
Using elements from the Global Assessment, a new brochure has been issued to help biodiversity experts use UK museum collections to strategically address questions around biodiversity conservation New/changed action/initiative Jul 2019 Global website
Pollination: United Nations Declares 20 May World Bee Day New/changed action/initiative Global website
CBD Plan of Action 2018-2030 for the International Initiative for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Pollinators references the IPBES Assessment of Pollination, Pollinators and Food Production New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global
G7 Environment Ministers Issue Metz Biodiversity Charter, Welcoming the IPBES #GlobalAssessment New/changed commitment Global Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America website
Harmonized indicators developed to monitor biodiversity health of the oceans New/changed research project Jun 2018 Global website
COP Parties request the CBD Exec. Sec. to communicate with IPBES Exec. Sec. to facilitate dissemination of the outcomes of the assessment of the sustainable use of wild species New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
France: Regional initiative, based on IPBES, launched in New Aquitaine to create a pool of lead scientists to work on biodiversity New/changed action/initiative Jan 2017 State/Provincial France website
CBD Parties invited IPBES to contribute to the development of the draft long-term strategic framework for capacity-building beyond 2020; IPBES regional assessments mentioned as sources to draw upon New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
Greens/EFA in EU Parliament draw on findings of the Global Assessment to critique subsidies in the the EU agricultural industry. New/changed action/initiative Jun 2019 Regional European Union website
Introduction for practitioners on diverse values of nature developed based on IPBES preliminary guide New/changed action/initiative Jun 2018 Global website