Welcome to the IPBES Impact Tracking Database (TRACK).

The purpose of TRACK is to record, document and share examples of the use of IPBES outputs, such as the IPBES assessment reports, in decision-making or in science.

TRACK is not designed to be comprehensive, analytically rigorous or serve a wider monitoring function – it makes no claim to be an exhaustive list of IPBES impacts. It is, instead, an indicative list for the primary purpose of IPBES communications, outreach and public relations. Apart from a basic eligibility screening, the IPBES secretariat does not independently verify the examples listed in TRACK, which are primarily gleaned from third party stakeholders, media reports and similar sources.

Should you wish to contribute an example of IPBES impact, please go to the TRACK submission portal: www.ipbes.net/impact-tracking  If you wish alert the secretariat to any inaccuracy or anything objectionable in TRACK, please do so by emailing this information to media@ipbes.net with the subject line “TRACK Correction”.


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Titlesort descending Type(s) of impacts generated Impact Date Scale of Impact Region of Impact Country/s of Impact Supporting document(s) Website
Parliament of Myanmar Votes to Join IPBES Following Launch of Global Assessment New/changed commitment May 2019 National Asia-Pacific Myanmar website
32 Leading scientists, citing Global Assessment and author testimony in Canadian Parliament, pen letter to Deputy Environmental Minister of Canada advocating fulfillment of protected areas target New/changed action/initiative Jul 2019 Regional Americas Canada website
After review of IPBES Pollination and Land Degradation Assessments, Nigeria adopts action plan to protect pollinators New/changed action/initiative Jul 2019 National Africa Nigeria website
Article: Nature's Contributions to People (NCP) Conceptual Framework Used as Critical Lens for IPBES Europe and Central Asia Assessment Report New article Jul 2019 Organizational website
Baroness Parminter of the UK cites IPBES Global Assessment calling for urgent introduction of a strong Environment Bill New/changed idea Jul 2019 National Europe and Central Asia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland website
Bayer takes action to implement IPBES Pollination Assessment policy options New/changed action/initiative Jan 2018 Global Cross-regional Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Kenya, Thailand website
Bee-Friendly Initiative to Plant Flowers Doubled, Introduced by German Regional Government of Hessen, Beekepers and Farmers' Associations New/changed action/initiative May 2019 Regional Europe and Central Asia Germany website
Belmont Forum and BiodivERsA offer >Euro 23 million to fund proposals addressing gaps and barriers in biodiversity and ecosystem scenarios identified in IPBES Assessment New/changed investment Jul 2017 Global website
Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) Launches Data Visualization Platform to promote and coordinate development and delivery of biodiversity indicators for use by IPBES and others New/changed research project Nov 2018 Multi-organizational/network Cross-regional website
Birdlife/SEO calculates that nature's contributions to Spain at Euro 75,000 million per year New/changed research project Jun 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Spain website
Bonn Convention and Bern Convention Launch Rome Strategic Plan in Light of Global Assessment Report New/changed action/initiative Regional Cross-regional website
Bosnia and Herzagovina joined the Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators and integrate pollination issues into national strategies New/changed commitment Mar 2018 National Europe and Central Asia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil establishes procedures on pesticide risk to pollinators partly based on the IPBES Pollination Assessment New/changed law/regulation Mar 2017 National Americas Brazil
Brazil publishes first national biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment based on IPBES methodology New/changed research project Nov 2018 National Americas Brazil website
Brazil: Creation of Brazilian Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BPBES) New/changed network National Americas Brazil website
Brazilian real estate developer cites IPBES Land Degradation Assessment in actions to reduce environmental impact of construction New/changed action/initiative Jun 2018 State/Provincial Americas Brazil website
Brazilian research on value of ecosystem services in tropical soils to be based on IPBES approach New/changed research project Sep 2018 Global website
Cameroon create three road maps for national and local implementation of IPBES Assessment New/changed commitment Apr 2018 National Africa Cameroon
Caribbean Action Plan published articulating how to implement IPBES Pollinator Assessment at regional and national levels New/changed commitment Oct 2018 Subregional Americas Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago website
CBD Parties invited IPBES to contribute to the development of the draft long-term strategic framework for capacity-building beyond 2020; IPBES regional assessments mentioned as sources to draw upon New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties list IPBES assessments as key sources to be used in developing documentation related to the preparatory process for the development of post 2020 global biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties note the relevance of IPBES Assessment of Scenarios and Models to discussions on the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity and the development of post-2020 biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties recognize IPBES Assessment Reports as an important evidence base for the Aichi Biodiversity Targets progress assessment and request further collaboration for GBO5 New/changed commitment Nov 2018
CBD Parties request the CBD Exec. Sec. to develop communication and public awareness campaigns on the current state of biodiversity, in collaboration with IPBES and others New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties urge the use of all products of IPBES in preparation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties welcome the Second Work Programme of IPBES, note its relevance for major climate and biodiversity related agreements request for additional inputs from post-2020 biodiversity framework New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Parties welcome the undertaking of the assessment of invasive alien species and decide on establishment of an expert group to address matters not covered by IPBES assessment New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global website
CBD Plan of Action 2018-2030 for the International Initiative for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Pollinators references the IPBES Assessment of Pollination, Pollinators and Food Production New/changed commitment Nov 2018 Global
Citing IPBES, Alliance of 4 Major German Organizations Calls on German Chancellor to Make Fight Against Species Extinction Top Priority New/changed action/initiative Jul 2019 National Europe and Central Asia Germany website
City Council of Cambridge, England Declares Biodiversity Emergency, Noting IPBES Global Assessment, Pledges Net Gains for Biodiversity New/changed law/regulation May 2019 City/Community Europe and Central Asia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland website