Land Degradation and Restoration

The web conference on Land Degradation and Restoration Knowledge Gaps and Needs is an opportunity for a broad spectrum of experts, knowledge holders and practitioners to collaborate, to inform the work of IPBES and catalyse further knowledge generation via interactive web-based forum discussions and webinar presentations.


Do you want to watch the videos of the first webinar? Click on the Graphic below "Introductory webinar" you will see a presentation on the LDR Assessment given by Robert Scholes, co-chair of the LDR Assessment, a presentation of the identified Knowledge gaps by Judith Fisher, Contributing lead author of the LDR Assessment and a tutorial to use the Discussion forum of the web conference.

Do you want to look at  threads of discussion? Please log in the IPBES website (see on top of this page) for accessing forum content


RESULTS: The final report will be available soon...

Please find a short summary of Week 1 discussions: ipbes_land_degradation_conference_week_1_short_summaryv1.pdf

and a more detailed sumamry of Week 1 discussions: ipbes_land_degradation_conference_week_1_detailed_summaryv1.pdf

Please find a summary of Week 2 discussions: ipbes_land_degradation_conference_week_2_summaryv1.pdf

Please find a summary of Week 3 discussions ipbes_land_degradation_conference_week_3_summary.pdf