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League for Protection of Birds (LPO) Cites IPBES on Drivers of Biodiversity Loss in Opposition to French Renewable Energy Acceleration Bill

Yves Verilhac, director general of the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) argues against the new French Renewable Energy Acceleration Bill saying: "“How can we go and put wind power in protected natural sites, Natura 2000 sites, migration corridors? IPBES (UN biodiversity experts) says that the artificialization of environments is the first cause of the collapse of biodiversity. But what are we proposing? To go and put photovoltaic panels full field in sectors where it was impossible before, by derogating from the mountain law, the coastal law, etc. The best allies of renewable energies, like the LPO, are dropping out. It's indefensible". Specifically he argues that the Bill is a "purely sectoral" project which "completely forgets the issues of biodiversity". This is direct refrence to the finding of the IPBES Global Assessment that land-use change is the most important driver of global biodiversity loss - and indirect reference to the finding of the IPBES-IPCC Joint workshop on biodiversity and climate change that actions to address these crises must be taken together or risk making the other worse.
Biodiversity and climate change, Global assessment (1st work programme)
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