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Global Assessment ILK event at the IUCN Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods Conference

Event type: Stakeholders
Monday, 28 May, 2018

IPBES sponsored a panel on ‘Engaging Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Peoples in the IPBES Global Assessment’. Approximately 50-60 people were in the room.

Global Assessment authors introduced the work of IPBES with a brief 15-minute powerpoint that explained the ILK strategy of IPBES, as well as the general chapter structure of the Global Assessment. The participants then broke up into discussion groups, focusing on two questions:

1. How can IPLCs use the Global Assessment when it is released in 2019? What needs to happen to ensure the assessment is useful and relevant to IPLCs? What lessons could be imparted for future IPBES (or other science/intergovernmental assessments?

2. Does the IPBES Global Assessment second order draft currently open to review include enough attention to IPLC concerns? What content might be missing that is most important to IPLC?