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Application for fellows for the monitoring assessment

IPBES is seeking fellows from academia, government, and civil society with expertise in:

  • A range of disciplines, including but not limited to, ecology, evolution, social science, economics, statistics and biodiversity modelling;
  • Monitoring biodiversity and nature‚Äôs contributions to people in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems;
  • The use of in-situ and remote sensing measurements, community-based monitoring and citizen science;
  • Diverse and new technologies for estimating and monitoring biodiversity, such as environmental DNA, ecological acoustics, camera-traps, hyperspectral imagery and artificial intelligence;
  • National and subnational monitoring programmes and systems (including those led by Indigenous Peoples and local communities), global observing systems, and citizen science initiatives;
  • Indicators and the use of indicators in policy and decision-making;
  • Institutional and financial requirements to strengthen monitoring systems.

Application deadline:  Closed: 9-Jan-24

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