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Application as an expert for the monitoring assessment

The IPBES Plenary, in decision IPBES/10/1, approved the undertaking of the methodological assessment on monitoring biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people (“monitoring assessment”).

IPBES is seeking experts and practitioners from academia, government, and civil society with expertise in:

  • A range of disciplines, including but not limited to, ecology, evolution, social science, economics, statistics and biodiversity modelling; 
  • Monitoring biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems;  
  • The use of in-situ and remote sensing measurements, community-based monitoring and citizen science; 
  • Diverse and new technologies for estimating and monitoring biodiversity, such as environmental DNA, ecological acoustics, camera-traps, hyperspectral imagery and artificial intelligence; 
  • National and subnational monitoring programmes and systems (including those led by Indigenous Peoples and local communities); 
  • Indicators and the use of indicators in policy and decision-making; 
  • Institutional and financial requirements to strengthen monitoring systems.

Guidance on IPBES assessments for experts (available here)

Please follow the below procedure for nomination:

1) Nominees are invited to complete the application form below and attach their curriculum vitae below

2) The nominating Government or organization (Nominator) indicated by the Nominee will receive an email with a link to the nomination form and will be invited to approve and submit the nominations in the web portal.

Scroll down to view the form. You need to be logged in to submit the form. 
Please contact us at [email protected] if you experience any technical difficulties.