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External review of the first order draft of the chapters of the IPBES transformative change assessment

Dear expert reviewer,


Thank you for your registration and willingness to review one or more chapters of the IPBES transformative change assessment. On this webpage you can find the different chapters of the assessment you have registered for. Kindly provide your review comments in the appropriate Review comments template that you can find here. In addition to providing their review comments through the comment spread sheet, reviewers are also invited to provide more detailed information on any examples or specific case studies that they would like to suggest for inclusion into the assessment, through a questionnaire, available below.


Dialogue meeting with assessment experts
An introduction to the first draft of the chapters of the IPBES transformative change assessment will be given at a dialogue meeting on 8 March. There will be opportunities to ask questions for clarification. The meeting registration link is provided in the email confirmation after registration as a reviewer and is also available after successful registration and login in the section below.


Instructions and guidelines for the first order draft review  
Review comments should be provided in English and focus on key substantive issues. It is mandatory to use the Review comments templates excel file sheets provided above to submit comments. Please see worksheet 2 for examples of how to input comments. Please do not modify the templates. Review comments will not be accepted unless properly entered in the excel sheet provided. This first external review is open from 3 February 2023 until 17 March 2023 (6 weeks). All worksheets must be uploaded on no later than 17 March 2023​ 23:59 (CET).


Comments should be provided in a constructive fashion, with, if possible, a suggestion for a way forward. If providing suggestions for text revision, please specify full citations for relevant papers. All comments regarding text style, grammar and spelling will be corrected for the final version and do not need comments at this stage. Formatting among chapters and across assessments will also be corrected and harmonized for the final version. Graphics editors will be used for the final tables and figures.


We would like to draw your attention to the important fact that the first order draft is confidential. One of the conditions of being an expert reviewer, to which you agreed upon registration, is that the drafts cannot be cited, quoted or circulated. Please note that this draft is for your use only. If you have colleagues or know of others who would like to review the chapters, please encourage them to register on the website, but do not forward your chapter to them. 


All of the review comments will be published and made available online. All reviewers (Governments or individuals) will be identified and acknowledged with their name, affiliation and country in the final assessment report.


We thank you again for your feedback and participation.


Please note that you need to be logged in and to register here before you can view the draft chapters below.

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