Review of IPBES at the conclusion of its first work programme

As part of the first work programme of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the Plenary, in decision IPBES-2/5, mandated a review of the effectiveness of the administrative and scientific functions of IPBES (deliverable 4 (e)), and requested the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP), in consultation with the Bureau, to develop a procedure for that review. At IPBES 4, the Plenary considered a draft procedure for the review and requested the further refinement of the scope and terms of reference (decision IPBES-4/1, section VII).

In decision IPBES-5/2 the Plenary approved the terms of reference for the review, including an internal and an external element (see here). The internal review was to be undertaken by the MEP and the Bureau and its conclusions transmitted to the external reviewers. In the same decision, the Plenary requested the Executive Secretary to call for the nomination of candidates for the review panel and to conduct a competitive bidding process for an external professional organization to coordinate the review. The Plenary requested the review panel, in accordance with the terms of reference, to provide a final report on the review, including recommendations on the implementation of the second work programme of IPBES, to the Plenary at IPBES 7.

In decision IPBES-6/1, section VIII, the Plenary took note of the report prepared by the internal review team (IPBES/6/INF/32, which includes the final questionnaire used in appendix V) and of the selection of the members of the review panel to perform the review and of an external professional organization to coordinate the review. 

From African States: 
Mr. Nicholas King (South Africa) 
Mr. Albert van Jaarsveld (South Africa) 
Mr. Kalemani Jo Mulongoy (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

From Asia-Pacific States: 
Mr. Ryo Kohsaka (Japan) 
Ms. Kalpana Chaudhari (India) 

From Eastern European States: 
Mr. Karen Jenderedjian (Armenia) 

From Latin American and Caribbean States: 
Ms. Marina Rosales (Peru) 

From Western European and other States: 
Mr. Selim Louafi (France) 
Mr. Doug Beard (United States) 
Mr. Peter Bridgewater (Australia) 

The International Council for Science (ICSU; now International Science Council (ISC)) had been selected as the external professional organization to coordinate the review.

The external review panel, supported by the International Science Council, the organization coordinating the review, has commenced its work following IPBES 6, in line with the terms of reference of the review. The first meeting of the review panel took place in conjunction with the 11th meetings of the MEP and Bureau. The second meeting of the panel took place in conjunction with the 12th meetings of the MEP and Bureau.

The final report of the panel was presented to the Plenary at IPBES 7. The review was used as the basis for the development of the next work programme for IPBES with lessons learned from the implementation of the first work programme and recommendations that would enable IPBES to strengthen implementation of its four functions and, ultimately, its effectiveness as a science-policy interface.