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Communication and engaging

The IPBES 2030 work programme includes “communicating and engaging” as one of its six objectives to strengthen the involvement of the members and stakeholders and to increase the visibility of IPBES and the use of IPBES products.

This objective focuses on the development and implementation of the communication and outreach strategy and the stakeholder engagement strategy of IPBES. Outreach processes and products for presenting IPBES deliverables, activities and outputs to range of different targeted audiences are under development to ensure wider IPBES recognition and policy impact. Stakeholder engagement will be used to complement the communications activities to raise awareness, catalyse knowledge generation, support capacity-building and inform policymaking in the public and private sectors as well as in civil society.

Virtual backgrounds

The IPBES secretariat has made available a selection of virtual backgrounds for members of the IPBES community to use widely and freely to bring more life to your virtual meetings and show support for biodiversity and the work of IPBES.

The collection of downloadable image and video backgrounds can be accessed and shared here.