Project title Green Education
Implementing Institutions GCS and
CO2FREE association
Country(ies) Brazil
Abstract Green Education focus on developing capacity to recognize and inventory ecosystem services impacts, be those positive or negative ones. The program also includes tools for impact assessment both on positive and negative sides. the program is run by CO2FREE a local Brazilian NGO and with partnership with GCS it can reach further public internationally.
Project Description Green Education is a program runned by CO2FREE, a local NGO in Brazil who is partnering with GCS to provide capacity building for project development regarding implementation and monitoring of MRV for ecosystem services, initially with water, biodiversity and carbon. This complies with major legislation under vote in Brazil and is tuned with IPBES goals of development practices to test policy proposals.
Project Objectives and expected Achievables to provide courses for 300 companies and over 6000 professionals, teachers and students in 3 years, being 100 companies and 2000 professionals each year.
Timeframe > 3 years
Geographic Scale Multinational
Seeking Resources for: Project development, Project implementation
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial, Technical
Name of organisation: 
Project relevance: 
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