Project title The emergence of new forms of certifiable standards on biodiversity management
Implementing Institutions Laval University, Quebec City, Canada
Country(ies) Canada
Abstract Our research project is on the new form of certification practices related to biodiversity management across various industries in Canada and at a lesser extends all across the world. Our most recent research suggests that a growing number of companies, especially from the mining and the forestry sectors, are mentioning third party certified standard related to biodiversity management in their sustainability reports. The aim of our study is to explore the main drivers behind this new type of certification, its legitimacy, and its implications for the management of biodiversity. 
Project Description Our research project will explore the new form of certification standards of biodiversity management, as well as the biodiversity management practices in themselves. Furthermore, we also want to explore the management of biodiversity in general, including sensitive issues, such as the involvement of local people, notably First Nation. Our method consists of interviewing people involved in the certification of biodiversity management at different level and analysing the sustainability reports of many private businesses across Canada, especially in the natural resource exploitation sector. This method will cover all the main actors involved in the biodiversity management, such as the government, the environmental managers within the private sector, the people responsible for the certification process within the certification body, the people working for non-profit organisation, as well as the independent auditors. This research will highlight the role of certifiable standards in the biodiversity management, as well as the role of the different stakeholders in the process of biodiversity management. Finally, it will allow us to increase the general knowledge about biodiversity management and to improve the decision-making process in this particular area. Furthermore, this research project will eventually be the subject of many scientific papers, of newspaper interviews, of presentations in many conferences, and will eventually be part of the academic formation of the managers of tomorrow at the bachelor and MBA levels.
Project Objectives and expected Achievables The last year was dedicated to the interviews of the different people involved in the biodiversity management. We are currently working to analyze the data obtained from these different interviews. The current year will then be used to analyze the obtained data, to analyze the different sustainability reports and to do more interviews or follow-up interviews depending on the results obtained. The following year will be dedicated to the process of drawing the conclusions of this study, as well as writing papers about them.
Timeframe 3 years
Geographic Scale National
Seeking Resources for: Project development
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial
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